Not a Pet: The Truth About Exotic Animals in Your Home

Did you know that high global demand for exotic pets fuels the illegal capture and trade of millions of animals, many of which will suffer and die in the process?  Not only is the buying and selling of many exotic pets illegal, but many carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans or other animals.

AZA WTA Sleepy Sloth Meta NFT

AZA’s Wildlife Trafficking Alliance is teaming up with Sleepy Sloth Metaverse—an NFT project that consists of 10,000 unique images of sloth characters.  Together, we hope that all fellow sloth lovers will find ways to protect sloths—both in the wild and by supporting your local accredited zoo—that does not include keeping them in your home as a pet. 

Purchase your very own sleepy sloth character today!

10% of proceeds will be donated to the Wildlife Trafficking Alliance to help combat the illegal trade of sloths, and other animals.

Learn more about why sloths don’t make good pets.

Bookmark this page to check back for more information as this campaign continues.

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