eBay is one of the founding corporate partners of WTA, and over the past five years has taken critical steps to fulfill those commitments—from online monitoring of listings and developing partnerships with law enforcement agencies, to raising awareness about wildlife trafficking through its consumers and helping to reduce the purchase and sale of illegal wildlife products on its platform.


On key dates throughout the year, eBay will feature WTA as part of their “Give at Checkout” program to raise awareness about wildlife trafficking, reduce the attempted purchase and sale of illegal wildlife products on the eBay platform, and raise money for WTA projects and initiatives that seek to combat wildlife trafficking around the world. On World Tourism Day, eBay will host an auction event.

  • March 3 (World Wildlife Day) 
  • July 29 (International Tiger Day)
  • August 12 (World Elephant Day)
  • September 22 (World Rhino Day)
  • September 27 (World Tourism Day)

“eBay is committed to doing its part to protect endangered species and has worked closely with conservation organizations and regulatory authorities to develop company policies designed to combat the illegal trade of wildlife. As part of those efforts, we have blocked over 257,000 listings for items that may violate our Animal Products Policy in 2020,” said eBay’s Director of Global Policy and Regulatory Management, Mike Carson. “But eradicating the illegal wildlife trade must be a collaborative effort that not only addresses supply issues, but also educates the consumer on the illegal and unethical nature of these products in order to reduce demand.  eBay is proud to work with the Wildlife Trafficking Alliance to raise awareness about the issue among our community and to support efforts to raise money for anti-wildlife trafficking activities.”

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