Wildlife Trafficking Alliance

Wildlife Trafficking Alliance

The Wildlife Trafficking Alliance (WTA) is a coalition of more than 80 leading companies, non-profit organizations, and AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums working together to reduce, and eventually eliminate, the illegal trade of wildlife and wildlife products. WTA works with a variety of partners whose active engagement is essential to the success of the WTA goals.

What We Do

The Wildlife Trafficking Alliance coordinates efforts to:

  • Raise the public’s awareness of the scope of the wildlife trafficking crisis;
  • Effect behavior change in order to reduce consumer demand for wildlife and wildlife products; and
  • Mobilize companies to adopt best practices to assure that their goods and services are not being utilized by illegal wildlife traffickers, and to assist in raising public awareness and reducing demand.

The Problem

Wildlife trafficking is an international crisis that has devastating impacts to both animals and humans. Wildlife trafficking, which is fueled by an unprecedented demand for wildlife and wildlife products, is a significant threat to wildlife, driving many threatened and endangered animal species to the brink of extinction.  Wildlife experts have confirmed that if we don’t act quickly, trafficking will wipe out many endangered species in our lifetime.  Furthermore, wildlife trafficking poses risks to human health and welfare, damages the global economy, and fuels transnational criminal networks and government corruption. 

Learn more about the animals most at risk, and what you can do to save them.

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