Veterinary Scientific Advisory Group

The mission of the Veterinary Scientific Advisory Group (SAG) is to develop cooperative relationships between AZA, its Animal Programs, its accredited institutions, and the veterinary community and provide technical advice to enhance veterinary services for AZA Animal Programs.

The Veterinary SAG advises the AZA Animal Population Management (APM) Committee, Conservation Department, and Animal Program Leaders. It is overseen by the Animal Health Committee.


The Veterinary SAG is administered by a Steering Committee composed of three Officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary) and the Veterinary SAG Chair is appointed by the Chair of the Animal Health Committee. The primary functions of the Veterinary SAG are to:

  • Provide support and advice to AZA Animal Programs.
  • Provide information for protocols concerning the roles and responsibilities of SAG Veterinary Advisors.
  • Serve as an informational resource on the latest veterinary topics.
  • Identify and review medical topics for specific species/taxa and recommend preventative and diagnostic evaluation tools and procedures.
  • Recommend preventative health monitoring and surveillance programs.
  • Provide advice on unique husbandry and/or nutrition requirements.
  • Identify unique anatomic or physiologic features of different species.

Interested in becoming a Veterinary SAG member?
If you are interested in becoming involved with or obtaining more information about Veterinary SAG, please contact Dr. Lana Krol, Chair.

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