Professional Training Course Scholarships

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Professional Training Course Scholarships

Scholarships are available to cover the costs associated with course tuition, meals, lodging, and travel to attend AZA's professional training courses. The Scholarship Quick Facts table shows eligibility requirements for each scholarship and which scholarships can be applied to each training course.  Our scholarships are awarded on an annual basis each summer for the upcoming course year (September-May). Applications are posted in May with a mid-July deadline. Scholarship decisions are sent by early September.

 Domestic Scholarships (U.S. & Canada) 

AZA's Professional Development Committee is pleased to offer the following full scholarships:

AZA is also offering two tuition scholarships, which cover only the cost of course tuition:


International Scholarships (outside U.S. & Canada)

ZCOG LogoIn partnership with Zoo Conservation Outreach Group's (ZCOG) Conservation Training Scholarship Program, AZA's Professional Development Committee is also pleased to offer a number of scholarships for our international zoo, aquarium, and conservation community colleagues.




More information and applications for ZCOG scholarships are available on the ZCOG website


AZA's professional training course scholarships are made possible by the generous support of Disney's Animal Kingdom, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Denver Zoo and Zoo Conservation Outreach Group (ZCOG), whose program partners include the Audubon Zoo,Cameron Park Zoo, Dickerson Park Zoo , Ellen Trout Zoo, Friends of the Alexandria Zoo, Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, National Aviary, Naples Zoo, San Antonio Zoo and Aquarium, Western North Carolina Nature Center and Jack Hanna. Thank you to all our generous sponsors!

Thank you to all our generous sponsors!

Scholarship Rules

Completed applications are due mid-July each year.  Only one scholarship application may be submitted per individual per year.  An individual cannot be awarded the same scholarship more than once. An individual is not eligible to receive any AZA scholarship more frequently than every three years. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all letters of recommendation are submitted by the due date. Applications are evaluated and recipients are chosen by the AZA Professional Development Committee, and as applicable representatives from Zoo Conservation Outreach Group and sponsoring institutions. Recipients will be notified in early September.

Travel itineraries for all Zoo Conservation Outreach Group (ZCOG) conservation training scholarship program recipients will be reserved and purchased by ZCOG staff or a legally designated affiliate. Travel dates shall be restricted to the full time period of the conference, workshop, or training event for which the scholarship was granted, with an additional period of no more than 48 hours before the commencement of and 24 hours after the completion of said event for itineraries requiring overnight travel. Scholarship recipients are responsible forall penalties or fees associated with any changes made to purchased travel itineraries. 

All applications should be emailed to:


Contact AZA Professional Development Department at 301.562.0777 ext. 251 or

Please note:

If you do not receive the award and plan to take the course anyway, the scholarship application does not represent a reserved space in an AZA course. To secure a space in a course you must submit a complete registration and pay the tuition in full. If you receive the award, your full tuition payment will be refunded.