Safety & Preparedness

Safety and security are of the utmost importance to protect our guests and staff, and to ensure the welfare of our animals.  AZA actively works to develop and provide guidance on various issues in safety and security through two initiatives, the Zoo and Aquarium All Hazards Partnership (ZAHP) and the AZA Safety Committee.

ZAHP is a collaborative effort that leverages the expertise of the exotic animal industry (EAI) and the emergency management sector to provide resources for enhancing preparedness for and resiliency to all-hazards that may impact facilities caring for exotic animals and wildlife. Funding support for this program is provided through a cooperative agreement with USDA, and materials developed through this project are publicly available through the ZAHP website,

The AZA Safety Committee is comprised of members from various AZA institutions who research and develop guidance on safety and security issues currently affecting our member institutions. Developed materials including the Zoo and Aquarium Safety: Example Practices document are accessible to AZA members.

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