SAFE Member-Sponsored Species

What are SAFE Member-Sponsored Species and how do they differ from Signature Species?

SAFE Member-sponsored Species are threatened species or a group of related taxa, for which a group of AZA members are enhancing the probability of conservation success by increasing collaboration and focus.  The group has identified a liaison to champion efforts.  These groups work under the guidance and approval/authorization of the Field Conservation Committee.

Signature Species Member-Sponsored Species
Holistic focus May have Project or Regional focus
All stakeholders May be subset of stakeholders
Employees at AZA-accredited institutions serve as SAFE Conservation Action Plan Project Coordinators Employees at AZA-accredited institutions serve as liaisons for partnering organizations
AZA staff will provide fundraising and facilitation amongst projects AZA-accredited institutions provide fundraising and overall coordination; AZA staff and the Field Conservation Committee will provide limited consulting to support these efforts

Are there similarities between the two programs?

  • Threatened with extinction
  • Support conservation plans with measurable outputs
  • Collaborative
  • Use AZA and Member strengths
  • Includes both Scientific Actions and Public Engagement
  • AZA will promote stories of successes and challenges
  • Training/skills development will be available

What are the criteria for member-sponsored species? (AZA Board-approved, July 2016)

  1. Be threatened with extinction
  2. The species has an established conservation plan (e.g., recovery plan, PHVA action plan, etc.) in place.
  3. Two or more AZA-Accredited Institutions/Certified Related Facilities have an established commitment for conducting/supporting active conservation work on this species (as exemplified in AZA Accreditation Standard 3.2.1) for a minimum of 2 years.
  4. If accepted as a SAFE Member-Sponsored Species, the consortium agrees to:
    • develop a 3-year plan for SAFE activities that includes measurable field conservation and public engagement objectives that will advance the established conservation plan.
    • increase member involvement in the conservation of the species.
    • follow the SAFE Member-Sponsored Species Processes and Protocols.

Stay tuned. The application will appear here by the end of March 2017!

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