Grant Review and Selection

The SAFE granting program utilizes a similar, but abbreviated, review process as AZA’s CGF grant program.

Evaluation for Eligibility

AZA will assess each application to determine whether it is appropriate for an award from the SAFE granting program. Only one application per SAFE species program will be reviewed, regardless of whether applications address different species within a multi-species SAFE program. If more than one proposal is submitted on behalf of a SAFE species program, AZA will ask the program leader to determine which is to be considered for review.

First-tier Review

Similar to the CGF review process, all applications deemed appropriate for the SAFE granting program support will be sent to two relevant AZA Board-level committees for their review, based on project categories selected on the application.

In addition to the seven primary committees that review CGF submissions (Animal Health, Animal Population Management, Animal Welfare, Aquarium Affairs, Conservation Education,  Research and Technology, and Wildlife Conservation), and in recognition of the required elements of SAFE program plans, Public Relations and Marketing will be added as primary reviewing committees.

Second-tier Review

The SAFE granting program will benefit from the CGF Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC), which will recommend top projects for support until the pool of funds available is exhausted. These decisions will be made via conference call.

Final Award Decisions

Based on recommendations from the CGF SAC, the AZA Board of Directors will finalize and approve funding decisions. 

Award Notification

SAFE granting program awards will be announced in January. Funds will be available upon award notification.

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