SAFE Grant Awards

The SAFE granting program is intended to promote collaboration, implement SAFE program plans, and maximize conservation impact. Established in 2019 with initial funding from the Arthur L. and Elaine V. Johnson Foundation, AZA’s SAFE granting program provides funds to members implementing SAFE program plans. Additional funds were made available through the generous support of the Disney Conservation Fund and other philanthropic and corporate contributors to SAFE. 

You can help! Please donate online to the SAFE granting program and help us support projects like these next year. 


Co-opting the Coexistence Co-op from Kenya to Tanzania to Save African Vultures
Corinne Kendall, PhD, North Carolina Zoo
Darcy Ogada, PhD, The Peregrine Fund

Evaluating the Efficacy of Management Interventions in the Conservation of African Penguins
Katta Ludynia, PhD and Nicky Stander, Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB)
Ric Urban, Houston Zoo

Protecting Chimpanzees in Kibale National Park Through Anti-Poaching Patrols
Kevin Langergraber, PhD, Sam Angedakin, and John Mitani, PhD, Ngogo Chimpanzee Project, Inc.
Corinne Kendall, PhD, North Carolina Zoo


Andean Highland Flamingos Conservation Monitoring Program
Guillermo Cubillos Torres, Zoológico Nacional de Chile
Daniel Hilliard, PhD, Zoo Conservation Outreach Group
Sue Tygielski, PhD, Reid Park Zoo

Creation of National Vulture Action Plans for Kenya and Tanzania
Corinne Kendall, PhD, North Carolina Zoo
Darcy Ogada, PhD, The Peregrine Fund

Expanding Capacity for Confiscated Turtles in the Greater New York Region
Dave Collins, Turtle Survival Alliance
Matt Allender, DVM, PhD, Chicago Zoological Society / Brookfield Zoo; University of Illinois

SAFE and Sound: Creating a Safe Future and Sustainable Population for Tree Kangaroos
Lisa Dabek, PhD and Beth Carlyle-Askew, Woodland Park Zoo
Kathy Russell, Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo

The Development and Enhancement of a Standardized Registry to Identify, Monitor, and Manage the Sumatran Elephant Population Under Human Care in Sumatra
Adam Felts, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium


Ensuring Protection of the World’s Largest Black Rhino Population in the Face of the Global Corona Virus Pandemic
Richard Bergl, PhD, North Carolina Zoo
Seth Stapleton, PhD, Minnesota Zoo

Gaining a New Understanding of Orangutans in Agricultural Mosaic Landscapes to Cause a Paradigm Shift in Conservation Strategy
Louis DiVincenti, Jr. DVM, MS, DACLAM, DACAW, Seneca Park Zoo
Brian Kutsch, Little Rock Zoo

In Situ Population Reinforcement of Endangered Zebra Sharks (Stegostoma tigrinum) in Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia
Tim Carpenter, Seattle Aquarium
Erin Meyer, PhD, Seattle Aquarium
Julie Levans, Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center
Leah Neal, Georgia Aquarium
Alistair D.M. Dove, PhD, Georgia Aquarium
Lisa Hoopes, PhD, Georgia Aquarium

Investigating Shell Disease and Its Associated Pathobiome in Western Pond Turtles
Tim Storms, DVM, Woodland Park Zoo
Kevin Murphy, Woodland Park Zoo
Kelly Flaminio, DVM, Oregon Zoo
Karen Terio, DVM, PhD, DACVP, University of Illinois
Lee Pinnell, PhD, John G. Shedd Aquarium


African Vultures United
Corinne Kendall, PhD, North Carolina Zoo
Darcy Ogada, PhD, The Peregrine Fund
Erin Stotz, Denver Zoological Foundation

Conservation of the Cross River Gorilla in Nigeria
Inaoyom Imong, PhD, Wildlife Conservation Society
Richard Bergl, PhD, North Carolina Zoo
Erica Farrell, Zoo New England

Reintroduction of Radiated Tortoises in Madagascar
Michael Ogle, Zoo Knoxville
Rick Hudson, Turtle Survival Alliance

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