A Crisis in Human and Animal Health

An initiative to reduce zoonotic disease threats by combating wildlife trade that poses a risk to human and animal health.

Committed to Reducing the Risk of Zoonotic Disease

Zoonotic diseases are a threat to human and animal health worldwide—more than two-thirds of all emerging infectious diseases of humans are zoonotic. The wildlife supply chain—both legal and illegal—presents several opportunities for the emergence and transmission of zoonotic diseases, a risk to human and animal health.

AZA and our member facilities are well-positioned to help combat risky wildlife trade practices and reduce the risk of future pandemics. We can provide critical education and advocacy opportunities to our 200 million annual visitors and millions of social media followers. AZA members are experts in safely and effectively transporting animals, and have expertise in preventative veterinary care, and measures to enhance resiliency to animal disease and pathogens. 

Read more about our approach to Reduce the Risk.


Advocate for stronger wildlife trade policies on the global level.

Strengthen national policy on wildlife trade through new legislation.

Educate on the risks of zoonotic disease through wildlife trade.

Increase AZA efforts to combat wildlife trafficking.

Increase AZA efforts to mitigate animal disease risks in the zoological community.


AZA supports fellow initiatives working to decrease the risk of global pandemics

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“Our current crisis was knowable, predictable and preventable. And unless we learn these lessons and take steps to reduce related risks, the same will be true of the next pandemic, and the next.”
Dan Ashe

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