March 2017 Accreditation Inspectors

A big thank you . . .

Each year, many professional colleagues volunteer their time to assist the Accreditation Commission by conducting accreditation inspections and certification inspections. The process is a dynamic one that continues to educate and enrich all involved. We are lucky to have the pleasure of working with the individuals involved in the inspections. On behalf of the Accreditation Commission, and AZA, we wish to recognize and express our sincere gratitude to all who assisted with our Fall/Winter cycle and participated in inspections of institutions and related facilities that processed in March, 2017. They have performed an enormously important service for AZA and for our profession.

Denny Lewis
Vice President, Accreditation Programs

Jennifer DiNenna
Manager, Accreditation Programs

Cheri Bermudez
Program Assistant, Accreditation Programs

Our March 2017 Accreditation Inspectors

Lance Adams, DVM
Jim Anderson
Jackson Andrews (3 times)
Steven Bailey
Andy Baker, PhD
Bill Bryant, DVM
Hayes Caldwell
Mitch Carl
Nancy Carpenter, DVM
C.J. Casson
Lisa Condoian
Kim Cook, DVM
Jennifer D’Agostino, DVM
John Davis
Thom Demas
Dave DeNardo
Chris Dold, DVM
Brian DuVall
Gary Geddes
Jesse Gilbert
Carrie Goertz, DVM
Karen Goodrowe-Beck, PhD
David Griffin
Perry Hampton
Jay Hemdal
Kathy Heym, DVM
Rick Janser (3 times)
Don Janssen, DVM
Jack Jewell
Dwight Lawson
Dale Leeds
Steve McCusker
Nancy McToldridge
Jill Mellen, PhD
Allen Monroe
Michael Murray, DVM (3 times)
Mike Nance, DVM
Julie Napier, DVM
Luis Padilla, DVM
Gary Pettit
Chris Pfefferkorn
Michael Quick
Jan Raines, DVM
Mark Reed
Randy Rieches
James Robinett
Tom Schmid
Andy Snider
Richard Toth
Alan Tousignant, PhD
Allison Tuttle, DVM
John Walczak
Brent Whitaker, DVM
Maylon White
Chuck Wikenhauser
Michelle Willette, DVM
Jeff Wyatt, DVM


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