Fall 2021 Accreditation Inspectors

A big thank you . . .

Image of AZA Inspectors in front of aquarium exhibitEach year, many professional colleagues volunteer their time to assist the Accreditation Commission by conducting accreditation inspections and certification inspections. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily and dramatically altered where and how we work, there are foundational elements of our accreditation program that we cannot change without compromising the integrity of our process. On-site inspections are one of these cornerstones. Without the willingness and dedication of our volunteer inspectors, this aspect of our program would not have been able to move forward during these trying times. We want to extend a special “thank you” to those individuals who have selflessly participated in on-site inspections in order to keep our accreditation program moving forward.

Denny Lewis
Senior Vice President, Accreditation Programs

Jennifer DiNenna
Director, Accreditation Programs

Cheri Bermudez
Accreditation Programs Coordinator

Our Fall 2021 AZA Accreditation Inspectors

Rhonda Aliah, DVM
Bryan Amaral
Gen Anderson
Jackson Andrews
Brian Aucone
Elizabeth Bicknese, DVM
Bruce Bohmke
Chris Bonar, DVM
Laura Bottaro
Michelle Bowman, DVM
Jon Brangan
Tim Brown 
Hayes Caldwell
John Chapo
Leigh Clayton, DVM
Vickie Clyde, DVM
Rob Coke, DVM
Hollie Colahan
Kim Cook, DVM
Jennifer D’Agostino, DVM
John Davis
Becky DeWitz
Glenn Dobrogosz
Kevin Drees (2 times)
Jeff Ettling, PhD 
Adam Eyres
Karl Fournier
Chris Gentile
Jesse Gilbert
Karen Goodrowe-Beck, PhD
Nicole Grandinetti
David Hagan (2 times)
Tara Harrison, DVM (2 times)
Beth Hemphill
Daryl Hoffman
Jessica Hoffman
Donna Ialeggio
Matt James
Stacey Johnson
Jen Kilburn, DVM
Karl Kranz
Dwight Lawson, PhD
Rick Lichner
Sprina Liu
Shirley Llizo, DVM
Keith Lovett
Gary Lunsford
Aaron Marshall
Stephanie McCain, DVM
Mike McClure
Jill Mellen
Gary Michael
Don Moore, PhD
Amos Morris
Gwen Myers, DVM
Lyn Myers
Mike Nance, DVM
Nick Newby
Luis Padilla, DVM
Lori Perkins
Chris Pfefferkorn (2 times)
Doug Piekarz
Vernon Presley
Sean Putney (2 times)
Geoff Pye
Marcia Riedmiller
Karen Rifenbury
Rachel Ritchason
Jeff Sailer
Tom Schmid (2 times)
Joe Smith, DVM
Lisa Smith
Cindy Stadler, DVM
Meg Sutherland-Smith, DVM
Steve Taylor
Scott Terrell, DVM
Sue Tygielski, PhD
Carrie Ullmer, DVM
Alan Varsik
Kris Vehrs (2 times)
Ray Wack, DVM
Maylon White
Chuck Wikenhauser
Michelle Willette, DVM
Sandy Wilson, DVM
Keith Winsten
Margarita Woc Colburn, DVM
Jeff Wyatt, DVM
Robert Yordi
Sam Young, DVM
Lindsey Zarecky
Keith Zdrojewski
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