2020 - 2021 Accreditation Inspectors

Image of AZA Inspectors in front of aquarium exhibitA big thank you . . .

Each year, many professional colleagues volunteer their time to assist the Accreditation Commission by conducting accreditation inspections and certification inspections. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily and dramatically altered where and how we work, there are foundational elements of our accreditation program that we cannot change without compromising the integrity of our process. On-site inspections are one of these cornerstones. Without the willingness and dedication of our volunteer inspectors, this aspect of our program would not have been able to move forward during these trying times. We want to extend a special “thank you” to those individuals who have selflessly participated in on-site inspections over the last few months in order to keep our accreditation program moving forward.

Denny Lewis
Senior Vice President, Accreditation Programs

Jennifer DiNenna
Director, Accreditation Programs

Cheri Bermudez
Accreditation Programs Coordinator

Our 2020 - 2021 Accreditation Inspectors

Chris Bonar, DVM
Peter Burvenich
Hayes Caldwell
Hollie Colahan
Glenn Dobrogosz
Joe Flanagan, DVM
Jessica Hoffman
Dwight Lawson
Luis Padilla, DVM
Chris Pfefferkorn
Mike Quick
Chuck Wikenhauser
Sandy Wilson, DVM

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