April 2019 Accreditation Inspectors

Image of AZA Inspectors in front of aquarium exhibitA big thank you . . .

Each year, many professional colleagues volunteer their time to assist the Accreditation Commission by conducting accreditation inspections and certification inspections. The process is a dynamic one that continues to educate and enrich all involved. We are lucky to have the pleasure of working with the individuals involved in the inspections. On behalf of the Accreditation Commission, and AZA, we wish to recognize and express our sincere gratitude to all who assisted with our fall/winter cycle and participated in inspections of institutions and related facilities that processed in April 2019. They have performed an enormously important service for AZA and for our profession.

Denny Lewis
Senior Vice President, Accreditation Programs

Jennifer DiNenna
Director, Accreditation Programs

Cheri Bermudez
Accreditation Programs Coordinator

Our April 2019 Accreditation Inspectors

Bryan Amaral
Gen Anderson
Lisa Marie Avendano
John Azua
Louise Beyea, DVM
Elizabeth Bicknese, DVM
Bruce Bohmke
Chris Bonar, DVM
Jon Brangan
Tim Brown
Hayes Caldwell
Mitch Carl
Paula Carlson
Dan Cassidy
Greg Charbeneau
Rob Coke, DVM
Terrie Correll
Casey Coy
Erika Crook, DVM
Thom Demas
Dave DeNardo
Ed Diebold
Glenn Dobrogosz
Freeland Dunker, DVM
Brian DuVall
Jeff Ettling, PhD
Norah Fletchall
Deidre Fontenot, DVM
Jesse Gilbert
Nicole Grandinetti
Lewis Greene
David Griffin
Caitlin Hadfield, DVM
Tara Harrison, DVM
Kelly Helmick, DVM
Beth Hemphill
Jessica Hoffman
Sheri Horiszny
Donna Ialeggio
Jack Jewell
Stacey Johnson
Larry Killmar, PhD
Dale Leeds
Brett Long
Keith Lovett
Stephanie McCain, DVM
Nancy McToldridge
Allen Monroe
Amos Morris
Don Moore, PhD
Danny Munoz
Deirdre Murphy
Mike Murray, DVM (2 times)
Natalie Mylniczenko, DVM
Nick Newby
Gary Noble
Luis Padilla, DVM
Chris Pfefferkorn
Craig Piper
Caryn Poll, DVM
Jan Raines, DVM
Sam Rivera, DVM
Jim Robinett
Megan Ross, PhD
Jeff Sailer
Steve Sarro
Tom Schmid
Stephanie Slade, PhD
Brandie Smith, PhD
Joe Smith, DVM
Cindy Stadler, DVM
Steve Taylor
Scott Terrell, DVM
Rich Toth
Sandy Trautwein
Allison Tuttle, DVM
Carrie Ullmer, DVM
Bill Van Bonn, DVM
Alan Varsik
Denise Verret
Gary Violetta
Brent Whitaker
Maylon White
Chuck Wikenhauser
Sandy Wilson, DVM
Keith Winsten
Jeff Wyatt, DVM (2 times)
Ken Yates
Shirley Yeo Llizo, DVM
Lindsay Zarecky



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