Quarter Century Award

The AZA Accreditation Quarter Century Award, developed in 2015, acknowledges 25 years of continuous accreditation, AZA's gold standard for zoo & aquarium quality. This honor recognizes commitment to maintaining the highest standards in animal care, welfare, management, veterinary care, conservation, education, staffing, facilities, safety, guest services, and more. Awardees are applauded for their continuous dedication to best modern zoological practices and philosophies--the hallmarks of AZA accreditation.

2018 Awardees
Adventure Aquarium
Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, & Zoo
Bramble Park Zoo
Happy Hollow Zoo
Queens Zoo
Tennessee Aquarium
The Seas

2017 Awardee
Pueblo Zoo

2016 Awardees
Charles Paddock Zoo
Dakota Zoo
Great Plains Zoo
Lincoln Children's Zoo

2015 Inaugural Awardees
At the conception of the award, numerous institutions received this honor, many of which were well beyond the 25 year mark of continuous accreditation. Congratulations to all of these institutions for their long-time commitment to excellence!

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