Program Vacancies for Education Advisors

Education Advisor Vacancies

The Animal Programs listed below do not currently have a dedicated Education Advisor.  Individuals interested in applying for one of the vacant Education Advisor positions should review the position responsibilities and complete the required application materials, found in the Education Advisor Handbook.  Application materials should be submitted to the CEC Education Advisor Champion, currently Karen Povey (  Please note that unless a specific due date is indicated, applications are accepted at any time.

Animal Programs actively recruiting Education Advisors

Email if you are interested in becoming an Education Advisor for any of the Animal Programs on this list, which are actively seeking your assistance!  If you do not see a program that intrigues you on this list, look below for other groups that may be open to adding an Education Advisor.  

Chelonian TAG
Columbiformes TAG
Parrot TAG
Old World Monkey TAG

Taxon Advisory Groups (TAGs) with Education Advisor vacancies 

Bison, Buffalo, Cattle
Ciconiiformes & Phoenicopteriformes
Deer (Cervid/Tragulid)
Freshwater Fishes
Marine Fishes
Marsupial and Monotreme
New World Primate
Terrestrial Invertebrate
Turaco and Cuckoo
Wild Pig, Peccary, Hippo  

Species Survival Programs (SSPs) with Education Advisor Vacancies

To search a specific SSP listing, go to the Animal Program Search page and select SSP from the dropdown options for Program Type.

Agouti, Brazilian
Alligator, Chinese
Anoa, Lowland
Anteater, Giant
Antelope, Roan
Antelope, Sable
Aracari, Green
Argens (LV Cichlid)
Argus, Malayan
Armadillo, Southern Three-Banded
Baboon, Hamadryas
Bat, Jamaican
Bat, Straw-Colored Fruit
Bear, Andean Spectacled
Bettong, Brush-Tailed
Bluebird, Fairy
Boa, Jamaican
Bongo, Eastern
Cardinal, Red-Capped
Cassowary, Southern
Cat, Black-Footed
Cat, Fishing
Chicken, Attwater's Prairie
Chuckwalla, San Esteban
Coati, White-Nosed
Colobus, Angolan
Colobus, Guereza
Condor, California
Conure, Golden
Crane, Black-Crowned
Crane, Blue (Stanley)
Crane, Demoiselle
Crane, Grey-Crowned
Crane, Red-Crowned
Crane, Wattled
Crane, White-Naped
Deer, Burmese Brow-Antlered
Deer, Western Tufted
Degeni (LV Cichlid)
Dik-Dik, Kirk's
Dikkop, Spotted
Dove, Beautiful Fruit
Dove, Black-Naped Fruit
Dove, Green-Winged
Dove, Jambu Fruit
Dove, Luzon Bleeding Heart
Dove, Mariana Fruit
Dove, White-Throated Ground
Duck, White-Winged Wood 
Duiker, Blue 
Duiker, Yellow-Backed
Eland, Common
Esculentus (LV Cichlid)
Flamingo, Caribbean
Flamingo, Chilean
Flamingo, Greater
Flamingo, Lesser
Flying Fox, Island
Flying Fox, Large
Fox, Swift
Frog, Dusky Gopher
Frog, Panamanian Golden
Frogmouth, Tawny
Gazelle, Addra 
Gazelle, Slender-Horned 
Gazelle, Grant's 
Gazelle, Speke's
Gazelle, Thomson's
Gecko, Giant Leaf-Tailed
Gecko, Henkel's Leaf-TailedGemsbok 
Gerenuk, Southern
Gibbon, Lar (White-Handed)
Giraffe, Masai
Giraffe, Reticulated and Rothschild
Goose, African Pygmy
Goose, Indian Pygmy
Goose, Nene
Goose, Swan
Gorilla, Western
Guineafowl, Vulturine
Heron, Boat-Billed
Hippopotamus, Pygmy
Hog, Red River
Honeyeater, Blue-Faced
Hornbill, Abyssinian Ground
Hornbill, Rhionceros
Hornbill, Southern Ground
Hornbill, Sunda
Hornbill, Trumpeter
Horse, Asian Wild
Hyena, Spotted
Hyrax, Rock
Ibis, Hadada
Ibis, Scarlet
Ibis, Waldrapp
Iguana, Fiji Island Banded
Jay, Plush Crested
Kangaroo, Red
Kangaroo, Western Gray
Kingfisher, Micronesian
Kudu, Greater
Kudu, Lesser
Langur, Francois
Langur, Silvered Leaf
Lapwing, Masked
Laughing Thrush, White-Crested
Lechwe, Nile
Lejothrix, Red-Billed
Lemur, Black and White Ruffed
Lemur, Mongoose
Lemur, Red Ruffed
Lemur, Ring-Tailed
Leopard, Amur
Lip, Two Stripe White (LV Cichlid)
Lizard, Chinese Crocodile
Lizard, Rio Fuerte Beaded
Loris, Pygmy
Lynx, Canada
Macaw, Blue-Throated
Macaw, Hyacinth
Magpie, Azure-Winged
Markhor, Turkmenian
Marmoset, Geoffrey's
Marmoset, Pygmy
Mongoose, Banded
Mongoose, Dwarf
Monkey, Brown Capuchin
Monkey, Common Squirrel
Monkey, DeBrazza's
Monkey, Patas
Monkey, Southern Black Howler
Motmot, Blue Crowned
Murre, Common
Mynah, Bali
Nyala, Lowland
Oropendola, Crested
Oryx, Arabian
Oryx, Scimitar-Horned
Owl, Burrowing
Owl, Eurasian Eagle
Owl, Spectacled
Parrot, Hawk-Headed
Peccary, Chacoan
Peccary, Collared
Penguin, Adelie
Penguin, African
Penguin, Chinstrap
Penguin, Gentoo
Penguin, Little Blue
Penguin, Macaroni
Penguin, Magellanic
Penguin, Short-Crested Rockhopper
Perrieri (LV Cichlid)
Pheasant, Palawan Peacock
Piceata (LV Cichlid)
Pig, Visayan Warty
Pigeon, Nicobar
Pigeon, Victorian Crowned
Porcupine, Crested
Porcupine, North American
Porcupine, Prehensile-Tailed 
Puffin, Atlantic 
Puffin, Horned 
Shark, Sandtiger 
Shark, Zebra
SiamangSifaka Coquerel's
Skink, Prehensile-Tailed
Sloth, Hoffman's Two-Toed
Sloth, Linne's Two-Toed
Snake, Eastern-Indigo
Snake, Louisiana Pine
Spider Monkey, Central American
Spoonbill, African
Spoonbill, Roseate
Springbok, South African
Squirrel, Prevost's
Starling, Violet (Amethyst)
Stilt, Black-Necked
Stingray, Bigtoothed River
Stingray, Ocellated
Stingray, White-Blotched River
Stork, Abdim's (White-Bellied)
Stork, Marabou
Stork, Saddle-Billed
Swan, Coscoroba
Takin, Sichuan
Teal, Marbled 
Terrpin Painted
Tinamou, Elegant Crested

Toad, Houston
Toad, Puerto Rican Crested
Toad, Wyoming
Tortoise, Brown Forest
Tortoise, Burmese Mountain
Tortoise, Burmese Star 
Tortoise, Egyptian
Tortoise, Flat-Tailed Madagascar
Tortoise, Forsten's
Tortoise, Galapagos
Tortoise, Madagascar Spider
Tortoise, Pancake
Tortoise, Radiated
Toucan, Chestnut Mandibled
Toucn, Keel Billed
Toucan, Toco
Tree Kangaroo, Matschie's
Turaco, Lady Ross's
Turaco, Violaceous 
Turtle, Arakan Forest
Turtle, Black-Breasted Leaf
Turtle, Four Eyed
Turtle, Pacific Pond
Turtle, Roti Island Snake-Necked
Turtle, Spotted
Vulture, King
Wallaby, Bennett's (Red-Necked)
Wallaby, Parma
Wallaby, Yellow-Footed Rock
Wallaroo, Common 
Waterbuck, Common
Weaver, White-Headed Buffalo
Wolf, Maned
Wolf, Mexican Gray
Woodhoopoe, Green
Zebra, Grevy's
Zebra, Hartmann's
Zebra, Plains