Population Management Software

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Population management software facilitates the decision-making processes needed for managing animal populations cared for by AZA-accredited institutions. With programs that specialize in various aspects of population management, including record keeping and genetic and demographic analyses, zoo and aquarium professionals can analyze data and model simulations to assess management options.


Single Population Analysis and Records Keeping System (SPARKS), developed by the International Species Information Systems (ISIS), is a DOS-based studbook and species management software program whose data can be exported into other population management software such as PM2000. Learn more about SPARKS.


In addition to the information in SPARKS, in ZIMS, the Zoological Information Management System created by ISIS you are able to explore an interactive pedigree of any individual animal or group. Now in ZIMS, in service of population managers, there is a new report called the Population Overview report that will provide regional or global data aggregated on the species reported to ISIS. Find out more about the Population Overview Report.


PopLink was developed by the Lincoln Park Zoo, is a windows-based software program that creates, maintains, analyzes, and exports studbook databases for use in population management. PopLink may be used to view, edit, analyze and export data for use in other population management software such as PM2000, and SPARKS. PopLink is owned and copyrighted by the Lincoln Park Zoo and distributed free of charge for population management and research. Learn more about PopLink.


PM2000 developed collaboratively by AZA, Brookfield Zoo, Chicago Zoological Society, and National Zoological Park, is a windows-based software program that analyzes and manages pedigreed populations and obtains its data from SPARKS or PopLink. PM2000 is distributed at no cost to individuals, non-profit organizations, and AZA members. Learn more about PM2000.


MateRx is a sub-component of the PM2000 software that was developed by the National Zoological Park and Lincoln Park Zoo that calculates a mate suitability index (MSI) number for every potential breeding pair in a population. This index refers to the relative genetic benefit or detriment the breeding of this pair will have for the population. MateRx is available at no cost to individuals and non-profit organizations.
To obtain or find out more about MateRx:
Visit: http://www.vortex9.org/materx.html


ZooRisk, developed by the Lincoln Park Zoo, is a software program that analyzes population history, biology, and manageability to assess the risk of extinction due to demographics, genetics, and management processes. ZooRisk is owned and copyrighted by the Lincoln Park Zoo and distributed free of charge for population management, research, and education purposes. Learn more about ZooRisk.


Vortex, developed by Robert Lacy (Chicago Zoological Society) is population viability analysis (PVA) software that is designed to assess the risk of extinction for threatened species based on biology, demographic stochasticity, environmental variation, genetic change, and management options. Vortex is copyrighted but distributed at no cost for conservation and research purposes. Learn more about VORTEX.


PMCTrack, developed by the Lincoln Park Zoo, is a website designed to evaluate whether the thousands of breeding and transfer recommendations issued for SSP animals occur as requested. PMCTrack is a web-based database and monitoring system which the AZA community can use to understand whether the recommendations issued by their SSP or for their institution have occurred as requested. It includes survey tools to help SSP coordinators and Institutional Representatives communicate about their institutional wants and needs, and provide feedback on why previous recommendations did not occur. It will provide the necessary data to make informed changes and improvements to AZA population management strategies. Learn more about PMCTrack.

Tracks Software

Tracks® Software offers aquariums and zoos an enterprise solution to the challenges of caring for animal collections. The desktop application provides complete inventory management tools, as well as medical, feeding, lab testing, enrichment, reporting, and scheduling features. The program is user-driven, providing all staff with tools for quick entry, access and analysis of data. A mobile application is in beta for 2014. Read more about Tracks Software.