Population Management and Related Centers

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Population Management and Related Centers

AZA recognizes that its Accredited Institutions, Certified Related Facilities and Sustainability Partners must work together to ensure that the species they care for are managed in a way that assures appropriate population sizes, demography, genetic diversity, and sustainability. To meet these objectives, AZA supports various Centers and tools which specialize in animal population management within and between its accredited institutions.

AZA Population Management Center

The AZA Population Management Center (PMC) is responsible for conducting the genetic and demographic analyses needed to develop and distribute the population management recommendations for all Species Survival Plan® (SSP) Programs. The PMC assists over 450 Animal Programs in the development of their population management plans by ensuring data accuracy, determining the current and future status of the population, and identifying breeding recommendations.  Read more about the AZA Population Management Center.

AZA Reproductive Management Center

The AZA Reproductive Management Center (RMC) provides information to the AZA community on the efficacy, safety and reversibility of contraceptive products. Managing reproduction in the many diverse species represented in zoos and aquariums relies on the data and expertise amassed by the WCC since its inception 25 years ago.  A variety of methods are required to meet the needs not only of the different species but also of individual animals and social situations. Read more about the AZA Wildlife Contraception Center.

Group Population Management

AZA recognizes that population management for species that are maintained in groups such as herds, troops, flocks and schools is a rapidly growing field. The development and implementation of group population management strategies has been a specific workshop topic and technologies have been implemented with a several species to date, however additional focus on this area of expertise is needed.  Read more about Group Population Management.

Population Management Software

A variety of population management software has been developed to facilitate the decision-making processes needed for managing animal populations cared for by AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums. Programs such as MateRx, Outbreak, PopLink, PM2000, SPARKS, VORTEX, and ZooRisk specialize in various aspects of population management. Read more about Population Management Software.