Population Management II: Data Analysis and Breeding Recs

Hosted by Crowne Plaza Clayton
St. Louis, MO
2023 Dates TBD

Population Management II: Data Analysis and Breeding Recommendations teaches the integration of demography, genetics and husbandry to set population goals and make breeding recommendations for zoo and aquarium populations. This course produces competent managers for zoo or aquarium populations.

Course Objectives

Through this course, students will:

  • Receive training on how to be competent population managers who can effectively coordinate zoo and aquarium breeding programs

  • Increase their skills analyzing studbook data, interpreting resulting outputs, developing realistic population goals, and producing management plans to achieve population goals 

 Through a combination of the following course activities, students will: 

  • Integrate attributes of population demography, genetics, and species-specific husbandry into a single coherent management plan

  • Use population management software and available data to conduct analyses that describe a population's past history and project its future course

  • Set attainable goals for a captive population in relation to target population size, growth rate, generation length, amount of gene diversity retained, etc.

  • Work with others in the course to formulate animal-by-animal recommendations as a critical aspect of management plan development

  • Understand the role of an AZA program leader and how that program leader works with the Population Management Center or a Small Population Management Group Advisor to manage their animal program

Course Schedule

First Day
 - Arrival on Monday
 - Course activities, including student registration, begin after 4 PM
 - Opening evening ceremony
 - Courses meet for individual opening session/class

- Classes meet all-day

Last Day
- Classes meet
- Closing Ceremony

Attendance is required for course participants for the duration of the course until the evening of the last day. As a result, individuals generally depart the following day. Attendees will receive a detailed schedule for their course after their registration is confirmed.


John Andrews, Assistant Director - AZA PMC - Lincoln Park Zoo
Karen Bauman, Manager of Reproductive Sciences - Saint Louis Zoo
Rachel Bladow, Population Biologist - AZA PMC - Lincoln Park Zoo 
Andrea Putnam, Ph.D. - Andrea Putnam, LLC
Kristine Schad Eebes, Director - AZA PMC - Lincoln Park Zoo 

Is This Course Right For You?

This course is designed for current and prospective Species Survival Plan® (SSP) coordinators and TAG Leaders that desire to understand the biology and process behind making breeding recommendations. Priority is given to current Program Leaders and AZA members. International applicants and those not affiliated with an AZA-accredited institution will be considered on a case-by-case basis;  please submit a letter describing your intended benefit from taking this course to azatraining@aza.org

Population Management I or Studbook I. Applicants must submit an institutional letter of support, written by a supervisor or director. The letter must include: the studbook(s) which the applicant keeps or has applied to keep; an expression of institutional support for keeping the studbook(s) and the date of when Population Management I or Studbook I was completed. International applicants working in an AZA-accredited institution are also welcome to apply. Those not affiliated with an AZA-accredited institution will be considered on a case-by-case basis; please submit a letter describing your intended benefit from taking this course.

Travel & Accommodations

Air Travel
Lambert Saint Louis International Airport (STL) is the closest airport.

Classes meet on site at Crowne Plaza Clayton in St. Louis, Missouri and course participants are encouraged to stay on site. The hotel rate is $117 per night, and reservations can be made online until October 9th. For more information, please email azatraining@aza.org

Please wait until you are admitted into the course before making your reservations. You will receive an email containing detailed information regarding your accommodations and transportation once you are admitted.

Course Registration

Registration for this course is not open at this time.

For information regarding our code of conduct, registration, and refund policies, please visit our Professional Development Course Policies page.

Questions? For additional details please contact the AZA Professional Development Department.

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