ç Photo Credits

Photo Credits

Banner photos

  • Diver and turtle with visitors: John Bamber, Tennessee Aquarium
  • Polar bear and child: Roger Brandt, Saint Louis Zoo
  • Hippo and child: Roger Brandt, Saint Louis Zoo
  • Sea lion and visitors: Saint Louis Zoo
  • Sea turtle: Thinkstock
  • Green Anole: Will Talley, Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo
  • Lions: John Ireland, North Carolina Zoological Park
  • Chimpanzee: John Ireland, North Carolina Zoological Park
  • Trainer with sea otter: Georgia Aquarium
  • Sea turtle, cheetah: Thinkstock
  • Dan Ashe and polar bear: Ray Meibaum, Saint Louis Zoo
  • Dan Ashe and visitors: Ray Meibaum, Saint Louis Zoo

Home page photos

  • Staff member with baby penguin: Tennessee Aquarium
  • Staff member with golden eagle: Tracy Aviary

Connect Magazine banner photo

  • Steller's Sea Eagle: Stacy Johnson, Denver Zoo

AZA SAFE animal photos

  • Vaquita: Paula Olson, permit Oficio No. DR/488/08 from the Secretaria de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (SEMARNAT)
  • Western Pond Turtle: Oregon Zoo
  • Asian elephant, black rhinoceros, gorilla, cheetah, sea turtle, African penguin, shark, whooping crane: Thinkstock

Join Us landing page photos

  • Background image of girl near water: Tulsa Zoo
  • Family with giraffe: Detroit Zoo
  • Children with reptile: Nature Institute
  • Girls with smartphone: Zoo Atlanta
  • Family with lorikeets: Nashville Zoo - Christian Sperka
  • Black rhinoceros: Thinkstock


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