Nutrition Scientific Advisory Group

Nutrition Advisory Group

The mission of the Nutrition Scientific Advisory Group (NAG) is to work with AZA and its members to promote the science of comparative nutrition and understand the biology and nutrition of animals and its application to the practical feeding of animals in AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums.

The NAG advises the AZA Board, Wildlife Conservation and Management Committee (WCMC), Conservation Department, and Animal Program Leaders on issues related to nutrition. It is overseen by the WCMC.


NAG is administered by a Steering Committee composed of four Officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary and Treasurer), and five other members, all of whom are elected from the general NAG membership for three-year terms. The primary functions of the NAG are to:

  • Facilitate communication and coordination among nutritionists and those requiring nutrition information (e.g., AZA Animal Programs, veterinarians, member institutions).
  • Provide leverage for identifying and addressing research about zoo nutrition.
  • Enhance feeding programs that are based on sound scientific principles.
  • Provide service in the fields of nutrition and dietary husbandry to AZA member institutions through the development of guidelines and protocols.
  • Collaborate with like-minded organizations.


Membership is non-tiered, there are no dues, and there are Bylaws. The NAG is currently composed of 139 nutritionists, curators, veterinarians, and keepers.

Interested in Becoming an NAG Member?
If you are interested in becoming involved with or obtaining more information about the Nutrition Advisory Group, please go to the NAG website, or contact Mike Maslanka, Chair.

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