Methods for Animal Behavior Research DVD

The "Methods for Animal Behavior Research" DVD is designed to serve as a tutorial for conducting animal behavior research. The content is written at the undergraduate level but can be used with high school students, graduate students, and/or professionals and will be a valuable tool for students with a wide range of background experience in research and animal behavior. Over 2,000 copies of the DVD have been distributed to schools and universities in over 20 countries around the world since its release. In its first year alone, an estimated 50,000 students in the United States viewed the DVD. The DVD has received favorable, published reviews in Zoo Biology and the newsletter of the International Society of Behavioral Ecologists.


The Methods for Animal Behavior Research DVD is sub-divided into six chapters. Two research project examples, one of focusing on the evaluation of environmental enrichment with spectacled bears, and the other focusing on factors affecting reproductive success with flamingos are illustrated throughout each chapter. Supplemental information is also provided.  A list of chapters and video samples (©Wildlife Conservation Society) are linked below:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1. Bibliographic Research
  • Chapter 2. Questions and Hypothesis
  • Chapter 3. Developing Ethograms
  • Chapter 4. Experimental Design
  • Chapter 5. Data Collection
  • Chapter 6. Data Analysis Supplemental Information (PDF)
  • Video Sample 1
  • Video Sample 2


The Methods for Animal Behavior Research DVD was developed by the members of the AZA Behavioral Scientific Advisory Group's Steering Committee. Content was provided by Robert Olley and David Powell of the Wildlife Conservation Society, Cynthia Bennett at Dallas Zoo, Sue Margulis at the Lincoln Park Zoo, Beth Stark-Posta at the Toledo Zoo, Kathy Carlstead at the Honolulu Zoo, David Shepherdson at the Oregon Zoo, and Chris Kuhar at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.


Support was provided by the AZA Conservation Grants Fund (previously the Conservation Endowment Fund), the Wildlife Conservation Society, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  

Obtain a Copy!

The Methods for Animal Behavior Research DVD is available for only $5 (USD) per copy in the U.S. and $6 (USD) per copy internationally. Checks or money orders should be made out to “AZA Behavior Scientific Advisory Group” and sent to:

David Powell
St. Louis Zoo
1 Government Drive
St. Louis, MO 63110
P: (314) 646-4523
F: (314) 646-5534

Credit card orders can be accepted by phone or mail (click here to download the credit card order form (PDF).  A 3% service charge is added to all credit card orders. 

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