Medline Partnership Program


Medline Medical Supplies 

Member Zoos and Aquariums and AZA-related facilities have significant need to access low-cost sources of medical products and other supplies used in caring for their animal collections. Members encouraged AZA’s Enterprise Committee to negotiate a nationwide, consistent pricing program for this category of products, now available through Medline.

Medline is the largest privately held national manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies in the US with 34 distribution centers nationwide. By partnering with Medline, AZA members will be able to leverage their collective purchasing power to drive down costs and capitalize on Medline’s strengths as manufacturers of their own products and distributor of most national brands.

AZA members can access exclusive pricing, supply/order management tools, ongoing communication regarding new products and specials, and a committed Medline account management team via this new Affinity Purchasing program.

Access special AZA-only pricing

- Access your AZA-registered account at using your pre-established username and password. Contact your Medline representative if you have not yet received this information. 
- Open the AZA template and fill in quantities needed. View thousands of items eligible for special AZA pricing.
- Submit your order.

By Phone:
Contact your Dedicated Customer Service Representative or Medline’s Customer Service Representatives for one-on-one service.

Program Benefits:

• AZA special pricing on case lots and individual units through your AZA-registered business account. The same pricing will be offered to all AZA members for an initial formulary of items. As new items are ordered by individual members, the item is added to the formulary and the same pricing is offered to all members

• Free next day delivery (to most markets) on orders of $150 or more

• Award-winning customer service

Contact your Medline Team today with any questions:

Direct Medline Contacts

Sales Representative:
Jodi Standorf
Ph. 800-845-0581

Dedicated Customer Service:
Jessi Soppe
Ph: 800-817-2926 option 5
Fax: 866-738-4108