Excellence in Marketing Award

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About the Marketing Excellence Award

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums recognizes the valuable role that marketing plays in building and sustaining business and creating platforms to interact with our various audiences.

The Marketing Award recognizes excellence in marketing campaigns developed and executed by its AZA member institutions. The campaign must utilize a marketing mix with a minimum of three communication channels, such as television, radio, print advertising, outdoor, internet, direct mail, etc.

Two awards will be presented, one for a campaign with a budget under $175,000 and one for a campaign with a budget of $175,000 or higher. Entries will be judged according to how well the campaign met planned objectives, how communication channels were strategically linked together, and for the creativity and uniqueness of the campaign.

If there is any question as to what constitutes an eligible project, please email Barbara Pueschel or call 301-244-3326.

How to Submit an Application

Download the  Marketing Award application  (in DOC)

Read the  Guidelines for Submission  (in PDF)

Remember to submit a  Media Release Form  with your application.

All Honors and Awards applications must be submitted in electronic format ONLY and must be compiled into one PDF file. Please make sure the file name reflects both the award name and the institution.

AZA has contracted with WEBCARGO to provide a quick and easy way for you to submit your application. Click here to send your application via WEBCARGO

Take a look at the winners.

2015 TOP HONORS  (campaign budget less than $175,000)

Smithsonian National Zoological Park for Endangered Song

2015 Significant Achievement (campaign budget less than $175,000)

Memphis Zoo for Rediscover the Memphis Zoo

2015 TOP HONORS (campaign budget greater than $175,000)

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo for I Will Protect 

2015 Significant Achievement (campaign budget greater than $175,000)

Philadelphia Zoo for Zoo360: Big Cat Crossing
South Carolina Aquarium for Show Us Your #Fish Face

2014 TOP HONORS  (campaign budget less than $175,000)

Oregon Zoo for Flock This Way 

2014 Significant Achievement (campaign budget less than $175,000)

New York Aquarium for New York Aquarium: Open While We Rebuild 

2014 TOP HONORS (campaign budget greater than $175,000)

Fort Worth Zoo for See the Biggest Babies in Town 

San Diego Zoo Global for Welcome to Koalafornia: The New Australian Outback 

2014 Significant Achievement (campaign budget greater than $175,000)

Wildlife Conservation Society for Bronx Zoo Dinosaur Safari 


2013 TOP HONORS (campaign budget less than $175,000)

Oregon Zoo for Packy's 50th Birthday

2013 Significant Achievement (campaign budget less than $175,000)

Birmingham Zoo for Kiwanis Giraffe Encounter 

2013 TOP HONORS (campaign budget greater than $175,000)

Detroit Zoological Society for Real Moments of Vitamin Z

2013 Significant Achievement (campaign budget greater than $175,000)

Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Garden for The LAIR-Alive in L.A.

Fundación Temaikèn for Birds v. Wallabies

2012 TOP HONORS (campaign budget less than $175,000)

Virginia Living Museum for Protect What's Precious  

2012 TOP HONORS (campaign budget greater than $175,000)

Brookfield Zoo / Chicago Zoological Society for Face a Real "Bear / Bull / Wolf" at Real Fan Days  

2012 Significant Achievement (campaign budget greater than $175,000)

Minnesota Zoo for Do the Waddle 

2011 Top Honors (under $175,000 budget)

 John G. Shedd Aquarium - Jazzin' at the Shedd

2011 Top Honors (over $175,000 budget)

 Georgia Aquarium - Where Imaginations Go to Play

2011 Significant Achievement (over $175,000 budget)

 CZS / Brookfield Zoo - Go Eye to Eye at Great Bear Wilderness 

2010 Top Honors (under $175,000 budget)

 Vancouver Aquarium - Canada's Arctic - Adaptation Is Not An Option 

2010 Significant Achievement (under $175,000 budget)

 Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center - Restless Planet

2010 Top Honors (over $175,000 budget)

 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo - Journey of Life Campaign

 San Diego Zoo - Elephant Odyssey 

2010 Significant Achievement (over $175,000 budget)

 Minnesota Zoo - If this looks right to you, it's time to visit. AFRICA!

2009 Significant Achievement (under $175,000 budget)

Knoxville Zoo — Dam Construction

2009 Top Honors (over $175,000 budget)

Minnesota Zoo — Russia's Grizzly Coast

2009 Significant Achievement (over $175,000 budget)

Monterey Bay Aquarium — Re-imagined Splash Zone
Vancouver Aquarium — If Frogs Go Extinct, You'll Notice

2008 Top Honors (under $175,000 budget)

Toronto Zoo — Bugzibitz II

2008 Top Honors (over $175,000 budget)

Tennessee Aquarium — Penguins' Rock

Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium — Polar Bears in High Definition