AZA Listservs - A Membership Benefit

Participation in AZA's listservs is a benefit of AZA membership. Not a member yet? Join AZA now!

Some highly specialized lists are closed to new subscribers (membership by invitation only), but many general interest lists are open to all AZA members.Take a look at the list of all available lists.

For Moderators

Go to the moderators' login

You can change moderators (that is, transfer list moderation to someone else), individually and mass-subscribe and unsubscribe list members, customize your welcome message to new subscribers, and temporarily suspend and reinstate delivery for any member. Bounce processing is easy. Instead of attending to each individual bounce, you can now set the number of bounces before a subscription is disabled and the number of days after which the bounces will be automatically discarded. If a subscription has been disabled, you can also send periodic reminder to the subscriber. Download the Moderators' FAQ (PDF)

For List Subscribers

If you want, you can simply send and receive list messages. However, the listserver system offers you options to create a password for your individual subscriber account, change your email address and other contact information, and customize your delivery options. Here are some common questions.

How can I access my individual account?
If you know your list name, simply type in at Make sure you replace LISTNAME with the name of your list, e.g.,

I belong to lots of lists. Do I have to get a password for each one?
No! Just pick one list and log in. From there, you will be able to make changes to all of your lists at once, including creating one password for all of your lists.

My e-mail address changed. Do I have to change it on each list I belong to?
No! Just pick one list and log in. From there, you will be able to change your e-mail address and select "Change globally" to change it for all your lists.

How do I know all of the lists I'm subscribed to?
Once you get your password and log in to your account for any of your lists, you'll see all of the lists you're currently subscribed to.

How to properly post messages to the list
If you want to post a message to the list server, simply e-mail your message, with a descriptive subjecting heading, to [INSERT THE LISTNAME] How to reply to a list serverIf the list is Instant, you can respond to a particular message by clicking "Reply." The previous subject line will remain, as will the original message in your response. Otherwise, reduce e-mail clutter by posting your message directly to the list server. Hitting "reply" will send your message ONLY to the original poster. If you want to reply to the entire list, hit "reply all."

Listserv Use Policy

AZA listservs are tools for furthering Association business and any topics related to the business of zoos and aquariums are suitable for discussion. The following types of messages are inappropriate at any time:

  • Solicitations, advertising or direct marketing messages
  • Defamatory statements
  • Curse words or vulgar language
  • Personal comments, insults or attacks
  • Copyrighted material, if the copyright owner has not consented

AZA encourages active discussion and sharing by the listservs. AZA members are encouraged to share experiences and advice if a question is posted on a particular topic. It is also acceptable to ask about companies that provide a specific service.

While it is permissible to discuss experiences with vendors or other companies, AZA does encourage, when possible, dealing with AZA Commercial Members or AZA Certified Related Facility members to supply products or services.

Neither AZA nor the list moderator actively monitors the listservs for inappropriate postings, and does not undertake editorial control of postings. All messages sent by members are automatically transmitted to the entire list serve. No messages are approved or sanctioned by AZA. The moderator and AZA have the authority to ensure that the guidelines are being followed. AZA has the right to remove members if compliance to these guidelines is not being followed. Members are encouraged to report any offending or abusive users to AZA or the moderator.

Postings that are a joke or satirical in nature should be labeled as such. Please keep such material to a minimum. For that exception that you cannot resist, inform your readers that the material is not authentic or is "off-topic." This will minimize confusion and allow users to hit "Delete" if they choose not to read it.

Listservs also should not be used for placement notices that would ordinarily go through other communication venues, such as Animal Exchange. Exceptions might include a confiscated animal that needs an immediate home, or similar emergencies. Permission for posting exemptions must be requested from Kris Vehrs.

Please do not post or distribute items that have been marked "Confidential."

E-mail is neither confidential, personal, nor private. There is no good way to fully and finally erase every copy. Deleted messages can be easily recreated with special software. If you need to write someone individually, send a separate message to their private e-mail address.

Some other suggestions:

  • Use spell-check.
  • Don't use all capital letters for more than one word (this is equivalent to shouting).
  • Insert a blank line between paragraphs.
  • Don't use text styles (e.g. bold or italic) or text colors in mailing list messages. They won't be seen in the message received, and may appear as undecipherable symbols.
  • Unless it's necessary for clarity, avoid repeating the original message in your reply.
  • Review your message before sending it. If it is something that is not of interest to the entire list membership, send it privately to the individual.
  • Keep your signature short. Include your name and affiliation only. If more information is needed, you can be contacted through your e-mail address.

Questions? Contact AZA Membership.

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