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Kansas City Zoo

Animal Assistant Manager - Australasia (Full Time)


The Animal Assistant Manager is responsible for supervising the daily training, husbandry and welfare of the animals within their section of the zoo. This position will also be responsible for guidance and direction of all of the area staff members and ensuring the highest quality in animal training, health and welfare. This position will supervise the Zoo's Australasia team, which is responsible for the care of Sumatran tigers, Bornean orangutans, Francois langurs, red pandas, lion-tailed macaques, red kangaroos, Matschie's tree kangaroos, parma wallaby, dingos, emu, common pea fowl, rhinoceros hornbill, and 17 other species of bird in a free-flight aviary.

  • Coordinates the daily activities for staff to ensure that daily husbandry needs are satisfied and meets regularly with area employees, management team and veterinary staff to discuss concerns, animal health, maintenance concerns as well as short and long term goals.
  • Responsible for training staff in areas of animal training, husbandry, welfare, safety, and exhibit maintenance, pertinent AZA, federal and state regulations, mandates and laws.
  • Observes, logs and reports issues concerning animal behavior, health and welfare.  Works as a member of the husbandry team as needed, performing daily feeding, cleaning, training, enrichment, observations, medicating, etc. Extensive knowledge in all areas of husbandry and natural history of the animals within the areas of concern.
  • Manages personnel including observations, coaching, and evaluating performance throughout the year. Creates weekly schedules and is responsible for tracking time off and occurrences. Coordinates interviews and background checks during the application process.
  • Develops and implements area guidelines, standard operating procedures, introduction plans, birth management plans, and other guidelines that may help with employee development and animal management.
  • Communicates with AZA SSP’s, TAG’s, and other zoo professional groups and personnel to accumulate valuable information that may assist in animal welfare, husbandry, breeding, etc. and allow for appropriate, specialized care for many of the exotic species in their care.
  • Oversees ordering of resources and equipment necessary for the proper care of the area’s animals, exhibits and holding spaces.    
  • Responsible for effective communication with area employees, department peers, curatorial staff and other zoo department employees to ensure the mission, strategic plans, collection plans and goals of the zoo are being met. Involved with speaking engagements, media interviews, tours and special events, and zoo committees.
*This position may at times be requested to perform other duties or special projects which are in the best interest of the Kansas City Zoo.

  • Bachelor's degree in the following field(s) of study: Zoology, Biology, Animal Science or related field
  • Advanced degree a plus    
  • A minimum of four years of experience at an accredited AZA facility.
  • Two of these years should include supervisory experience.

  • Knowledge of animal behavior.
  • Knowledge of procedures used for the proper care and training of exotic birds and mammals.
  • Must have basic computer skills.
  • Eventual knowledge of Zoo safety rules and regulations.
  • Ability to tolerate stress when working with exotic animals.
  • Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions, including procedures for care and maintenance of animals, exhibit, service and holding spaces.
  • Ability to endure high risk situations when feeding, transferring or restraining animals.
  • Ability to exhibit patience when caring for animals.
  • Ability to exercise sound judgment concerning assigned work activities.
  • Ability to use tact and diplomacy when interacting with co-workers, visitors and volunteers.
  • Skill in observation in order to recognize and evaluate conditions of animal health, diets and behavior.
  • Must have valid driver's license.
  • Proof of current negative TB test.
  • Willingness to work any five days a week.
  • Ability to work weekends, evenings and holidays, during all climatic conditions.
  • Active. Sufficient mobility.
  • Ability to lift items weighing up to 50 pounds.
  • Vision and hearing are needed to ensure a safe work environment.
  • Must be able to be on feet for four hours at a time.
  • Works in both indoor and outdoor environments - must be able to handle extreme temperatures

How to Apply

Please apply using the following link:

Kansas City Zoo
6800 Zoo Drive
Kansas City, MO 64132
Phone: 816-595-1234
Fax: 816-595-1880

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