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Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens

Safety & Security Park Ranger Unpaid Internship


The Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens’ Safety & Security team invites you to apply for the Safety & Security Park Ranger unpaid internship.  In this position, you will get to work directly with our Safety & Security staff in the following areas: security, loss prevention, safety, access control, event set-up and support, and emergency management.

Responsibilities can include:

  • Security
    • Develop knowledge in the basics of attraction security by:
      • Observing and participating in perimeter patrols.
      • Observing and participating in park patrols.
      • Observing and participating in parking lot patrols.
      • Observing and participating in wand patrols.
    • Interns will learn the fundamentals of patrol as well as what is looked for, for preventative purposes.
  • Loss Prevention
    • Observing cashier audits.
    • Learning the process of installation and maintenance on surveillance monitoring equipment and software.
    • Data entry for loss prevention tracking sheets.
  • Safety
    • Interns will develop knowledge on the safety side of running an attraction. This includes but is not limited to:
      • Participating in a Safety Committee Meeting.
      • Observing safety audits.
      • Learning how to input data into our Safety Database.
      • Observing first aid call response and understanding minor first aid.
      • Becoming knowledgeable in Fire Panels as well as Fire Safety.
  • Access Control
    • Interns will develop knowledge on the preventative maintenance and control of access points within the Zoo.
    • This includes but is not limited to:
      • Becoming knowledgeable in padlock maintenance.
      • Learning fundamentals of key cutting and how to cut keys.
      • Learning how to input data into the Lock and Key Database.
  • Event Set-Up & Support
    • This includes but is not limited to:
      • Understanding and participating in traffic control.
      • Understanding and participating in event setup.
      • Observing and participating in an event to help support the organization.
  • Emergency Management
    • This includes but is not limited to:
      • Learning the Standard Operating Procedures for various emergencies for the organization, i.e., Code Yellow, Code Red, Code Blue, etc.
      • Understanding of Incident Command Structure.
      • Observing a Code Red Drill.
      • Participating in various tabletops of emergencies.

Experience Required

Qualifications: This position requires working a flexible work schedule and will require you to work weekends, overnight and holidays. Physical requirements include the ability to traverse zoo grounds on foot, work in adverse weather conditions, operate motorized vehicle, lift up to 50 pounds without difficulty, bend, lift, climb, stoop, kneel and stand & walk for long periods of time. *If receiving school credit, it’s the responsibility of the students to arrange for the credit.

Further Comments

If selected for an internship candidates must adhere to reference checks, level 2 background fingerprints, proof of a negative TB test within the past year (at intern’s expense), drug screen and pay the $50 intern fee (this fee covers your fingerprints and drug screen). A current tetanus vaccine is recommended.


N/A - Unpaid

How to Apply

Visit our website: Application deadline is April 30, 2017.

Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens
370 Zoo Parkway
Jacksonville, FL 32218
Phone: 904-757-4463

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