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Chicago Zoological Society/Brookfield Zoo

Police Lieutenant

Duties and responsibilities: Responsible for administering the enforcement of park rules, regulations and maintaining a secure environment for guests, employees, facilities and the animal collection.   Under the direction of the Chief of Police/Director of Public Safety and working with the Police Operations Lieutenant, directs and supervises assigned employees.   Performs the duties of an Initial Contact under the Society’s Incident Response Plan.    Assists the Police Operations Lieutenant with preparation of work schedules for regular and seasonal employees to assure adequate staffing levels.    Provides administrative support for the Public Safety department. Responsible for maintaining all emergency medical, case, night and daily activity reports, schedules and other department records and reports as required.  Assists the Sergeants in the preparation and administration of daily roll call, inspects the appearance of subordinates and assigns officers to special details as required.   Explains new directives, information regarding special events and other activities occurring in the park, and reviews/relays relevant information, including but not limited to municipal police agencies for officer safety, current trends and/or special watches. Responsible for keeping supervisors timely informed of non-routine incidents and situations or that have the potential to impact the Public Safety department or another department within the Society.    Works with supervisors and the Safety Manager to reinforce a safety culture within the Public Safety department.   Works with department staff on hazard identification and reporting, including unsafe work practices, inclusion of safety-specific details in written reports and coordination, working with the Police Operations Lieutenant, on safety training for the department. Reports incidents and corrective actions taken immediately to Safety department and a supervisor.   Inspects equipment and vehicles periodically for defects and uses personal protective equipment and automobiles as assigned. Oversees the Park Safety Officer Program.   Patrols Zoo property and enforces and administers park rules, statutes and regulations.   Prepares field reports and required paperwork in accordance with established procedures.   Adheres to work schedules defined by the department using a rotating schedule, including nights, weekends and holidays.   Patrols the park and adjacent boundaries as assigned.   Responds to basic inquiries from all personnel and conducts appropriate follow up.   Responds to dispatch calls, including, but not limited to: opens/secures buildings/facilities and gates; picks up and delivers monies between point of sales locations and Cash Control; picks up of monies and completes appropriate documentation for collection of revenue from machines/donation boxes or other sources and delivers to Cash Control; assists motorists with vehicle problems; secures a scene, interviews participants and witnesses; and collects related information for documentation purposes.   Coordinates activities or responds to emergency situations per protocols including, but not limited to: Resource Hospital standard operating procedures, internal Incident Response Plan and the Tactical Animal Response Intervention Plan.    Directs vehicle traffic safely in parking lots and on surrounding streets surrounding as assigned.   Keeps work area and equipment in a clean and functional condition.   Provides positive public relations and respond to inquiries and information requests.  Maintains order and investigates suspicious   activities.   Determines course of action, reprimands or warns individuals, detains or expels individuals from the Zoo and/or arrests and books persons committing crimes in violation of statutes and as appropriate to the situation.   Interviews complainants and witnesses; analyzes probable sequence of events; seeks additional data through research; identifies arrests and takes into custody offender(s) for probable cause; advises such persons of their constitutional rights; searches subjects for office safety and testifies in court proceedings. Transports arrested individuals to appropriate jurisdictions for further processing as necessary.  Following established operating procedures from Resource Hospital, administers first aid treatment; prepares patients for transport to local hospital Monitors facilities, parking lots and adjacent properties for safety, hazards and security.   Assists the Chief of Police/Director of Public Safety in the formulation of department protocols, guidelines, rules and regulations including recommendations for operating procedural improvements and short and long-term planning. Recommends performance standards and goals.  Other related duties as assigned.

This description summarizes the primary duties and functions of the position but should not be considered a complete listing of every duty the incumbent may ever be called upon to perform.  
The requirements for this position includes the following: High school diploma or (GED) equivalent required.   Associate’s degree in Criminal Justice or other related field or four years of equivalent experience required.  Must have successfully completed and passed to minimum standards Illinois Police Academy.  Five years relevant experience as a patrol officer in law enforcement, including minimum of three years supervisory experience required.   Knowledge of applicable federal, state and local civil and criminal statutes on which charges and arrests are executed, including laws of arrest, search and seizure.  Knowledge of standard police rules and regulations.   Valid Illinois EMT license or obtain license of State of Illinois Emergency Medical Technician license within one year of hire.   Must complete system entry process at designated Resource Hospital within 90 days of hire or within 90 days of obtaining valid EMT license, if later, and must attend continuing education classes as mandated by EMS Regional Hospital and department standards.  Valid Fire Owners Identification Card required.  Must be able to successfully complete qualifications with department-issued weapons (.45 caliber, shotgun, .223 caliber, .308 caliber, 45/70 caliber, .375 caliber and .458 caliber) as specified in CZS Public Safety department guidelines as soon as feasible after hire or as otherwise specified by the Illinois State Training Board.   Must maintain firearm qualifications. Must possess a strong ability to understand, communicate, carry out and supervise oral and written instructions; prepare clear, comprehensive written reports and accurately review reports.   Must be able to analyze situations quickly and objectively and determine proper course of action. Ability to use common security and other equipment, including, but not limited to: medical and extrication equipment, computers, portable radios and other emergency equipment. Strong communications and interpersonal skills required.  Must instill confidence, establish an excellent rapport with others, and have excellent public relations skills.  Ability to handle sensitive information, distinguish confidential materials and information, and maintain confidentiality.  Must possess strong problem-solving, decision making, and prioritization skills and sound judgment.  Ability to work well under pressure, meet critical deadlines and manage time and staff effectively.   Requires an eye for detail and accuracy. Must have basic computer proficiency with Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel.  Experience and/or ability to work and interact effectively with a diverse, multicultural audience.   A valid driver’s license is required on date of hire.  If an Illinois resident, must possess a valid Illinois driver’s license at the time of hire or must obtain one within 90 days of hire.  A valid out-of-state driver’s license is required at time of hire for out-of-state residents. 
The preferred qualifications:  Experience supervising a minimum of 25 employees referred.    Experience working with budgets, payroll and/or purchase orders preferred.  Multilingual ability, Spanish fluency a plus. 
Additional Information:  This is a full-time position which includes rotating weekends, evenings and holidays as assigned.   Individual must learn the Public Safety department procedures within 3 months of hire.  Assignments and instructions are given from superior officers who review and evaluate work methods and results through reports, observations and discussions.  Expected to maintain a high level of customer service.  Must be able to effectively operate the Public Safety department and represent the department in the absence of the Chief of Police/Director of Public Safety.  Position requires the use of sound, independent judgment in the command of subordinates to ensure provision of effective services. Must represent the department and Society in a courteous, professional manner at all times.

The Chicago Zoological Society is an Equal Opportunity Employer / Affirmative Action Employer – Minorities / Women / Veterans / Disabled.

How to Apply

If interested in being considered for this opportunity, please visit the CZS Career Center to obtain more details about the position and to apply by submitting your profile. Please visit our website at Please look for requisition number 1352BR.

Chicago Zoological Society/Brookfield Zoo
3300 Golf Road
Brookfield, IL 60513
Phone: 708-688-8400
Fax: 708-688-8930

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