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Monterey Bay Aquarium

Institutional Sustainability Consultant

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is seeking proposals for a sustainability consultant to guide the development of new institutional sustainability goals and a sustainability plan for the Aquarium.

The mission of the Monterey Bay Aquarium is to inspire conservation of the ocean. We welcome over 2 million visitors a year, and have an audience of nearly 3 million on our social media platforms.  We recently adopted a new strategic approach that focuses our conservation and science assets on critical issues affecting the future of ocean health, including action to reduce plastic pollution, promote sustainable seafood, address climate change, and protect key species like sea otters, sharks, and Pacific bluefin tuna. At the same time, we want to strengthen our institutional sustainability strategy to better track our progress toward reducing our environmental footprint and demonstrate how we “walk the talk” for conservation.


The primary role of the consultant is to provide Aquarium leadership with guidance and support in defining institutional sustainability goals and developing a sustainability plan for the Aquarium. The major areas of focus will be to establish a baseline of current sustainability activities, create a vision for sustainability and target goals, and develop a plan and timeline for measuring the Aquarium’s progress toward these goals. The consultant will work with a team of Aquarium staff on the plan that will cover, among other areas, carbon emissions, waste management, water use, and plastic use.   

Scope of Work

Phase 1: (Estimated 6 months) Tasks:

  • Develop a qualitative summary (tell the story) of the Aquarium’s current sustainable practices using staff interviews and existing documentation and data (e.g., previous carbon footprint analyses and progress, AZA reports and surveys).

  • Work with the Chief Operating Officer, Chief Conservation Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer—and other key staff-- to develop a work plan for the creation of a sustainability definition and vision, target goals, performance measures, and implementation plan appropriate to the Aquarium. This may include staff interviews and/or the creation of work teams.

  • Scope of the Plan. We anticipate that the final sustainability plan will include target goals, performance metrics, and an implementation timeline for, among other areas, carbon emissions, waste management, water use, and plastic use. We also anticipate the plan will apply to both Aquarium operations and business practices, and include how to conduct outreach with Aquarium staff to facilitate compliance. Perform research on sustainability plans and practices at similar institutions.

Phase 1: Deliverables

  • Produce draft work plan for the development of a sustainability plan with a draft vision, target goals, data sources, performance measures and timeline for development of implementation plan.

  • Produce a summary of what the Aquarium is already doing to advance institutional sustainability.

  • Produce a research brief on sustainability plans of similar organizations that include similar covered areas and performance measures. 

  • Presentation to the Aquarium Executive Committee on above deliverables.

 Phase 2 (estimated 6 months) tasks:

  • Execute the work plan and finalize development of a sustainability plan with a vision, target goals, performance measures and implementation timeline and responsibilities. Work in collaboration with Chief Operating Officer, Chief Conservation Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer, and other key staff. 

  • Identify responsible parties and planning groups for each target area (e.g., energy, transportation, water, materials management, education and outreach, and administration).

  • Develop a suggested budget for plan implementation.

Phase 2 Deliverables

  • Final sustainability plan with vision, target goals, performance measures and implementation timelines and responsibilities.

  • Research and best practice advice for specific program and event needs.

  • Presentation to the Aquarium’s Executive Committee on final sustainability plan.

How to Apply

To submit a proposal, please submit the following to Heather Temple no later than February 28, 2017 to or call 831.648.9821: • A detailed proposal, including your background and qualifications. • An estimate of fees to be charged, not to exceed $50,000.

Monterey Bay Aquarium
Monterey, CA

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