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Dallas Zoo

Texas Horned Lizard ArcGIS Internship

The Dallas Zoo’s College Internship Program provides an interesting and rewarding learning opportunity for currently enrolled undergraduate or post-graduate students at an accredited college/university in the United States. Interns become actively involved in the Zoo’s animal care departments, conservation/research efforts, operations, and administrative positions.

The intern will be given an over view of data pertaining to the Dallas Zoo Texas Horned Lizard Conservation.  The data must then be organized and entered into the Texas horned Lizard (THL) database using ArcGIS. Students will build the current ArcGIS database into a functionally updatable tool for managing the field project.

Essential Functions:

1.         Take data (collected in from a handheld trimble gps unit) from ‘pathfinder office’ and export that data into ArcMap 10.3.1 via ESRI shapefiles.

2.         Build the ArcGIS database using 3 years of data collected on EXCEL spreadsheets,

3.         Need to layer in historic topography maps, actual lizard data, various features, weather information, etc.

Once the data is entered Interns will present to the Herpetology staff how to use the system to look for the data needed for research that is currently ongoing.

The majority of the Internship will be database driven; but some field site time for data collection is possible.


Successful candidates should have experience with ESRI’s ArcView, ArcEditor and/or ArcInfo 10.x Desktop and experience with aerial photo interpretation. A good understanding of Microsoft Windows is preferred but not required. Applicants must have completed a college-level course in GIS with a passing grade of 3.0/B or equivalent or have adequate experience using GIS.

Please contact the Volunteer Department for additional information or an application:



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Dallas Zoo
650 S. RL Thornton Frwy,
DALLAS, TX 75203
Phone: 4695547452
Fax: 4695547380

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