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Dallas Zoo

North Savanna/Registrar Internship

The Dallas Zoo’s College Internship Program provides an interesting and rewarding learning opportunity for currently enrolled undergraduate or post-graduate students at an accredited college/university in the United States. Interns become actively involved in the Zoo’s animal care departments, conservation/research efforts, operations, and administrative positions.


This is a split position.  The intern will spend mornings (7:00-12:00) working in the North Savanna assisting the keepers with animal care duties.  Species in the North Savanna include giraffe, greater kudu, Nile lechwe, zebra, ostrich, guinea fowl, and warthogs.  The intern will assist the keeper with cleaning, exhibit maintenance, enrichment, operant conditioning, and animal behavior observation 4-5 mornings a week.  Unique opportunities include: monitoring elephant mixes with giraffe, antelope, zebra, ostrich and guinea fowl, and observing animal transfers, training, and veterinary procedures.


In the afternoons (1:00-4:00), the intern will assist the zoo’s registrar by entering North Savanna animal records into ZIMS – an international zoological record keeping system.  The intern will have the opportunity to learn the use of this software program.  The majority of North American Zoos utilize the ZIMS animal database, making this skill set very valuable.


The intern will complete the Keeper Training course, Enrichment 101, and Shaping Animal Behavior-Tools for Effective Communication.



Must be able to perform the physical challenges involved in the daily duties of the department including talking for long periods, walking throughout the park, lifting/carrying equipment weighing approximately  50 lbs., sitting, kneeling, stooping, crawling, twisting, reaching above head, pulling, bending, and climbing stairs and ladders. Candidate must be able and willing to perform all above duties outdoors and in all weather conditions.

Interns work 20-40 hours per week for a minimum of 12 consecutive weeks during one of the sessions listed below. The purpose of the placements is to help the intern gain experience related to their education, and most are unpaid positions. The Dallas Zoo will work with students to document necessary time or projects needed to gain university credit for the internship. Unfortunately, we cannot provide transportation, housing, or a stipend.  Position limited to US nationals.

Candidates selected for internship must pass background check and TB test.

The deadline for 2017 Summer internships is March 10, 2017.

Please contact the Volunteer Department for additional information or an application



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Dallas Zoo
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DALLAS, TX 75203
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