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Como Park Zoo and Conservatory

“To inspire our public to value the presence of living things in our lives” We at Como Park Zoo and Conservatory hold everything we do against the expectations laid forth in our mission statement. Every animal exhibit, plant exhibit, education class and youth camp is driven by this statement and our commitment to the community in which we live.

Marine Animal Internship

The marine animal internship is designed to be a volunteer career learning experience with Como’s African penguins, tufted puffins, harbor seals, California sea lions and polar bears. Interns will gain first hand experience in data collection, food preparation, exhibit maintenance, public presentations, and husbandry. College credit is required for 12 weeks and a minimum of 25 hours per week May through September or 15 hours per week for fall and winter semesters.


 Meet all cleanliness and safety standards in all areas supporting the marine animal collection

 Assist with daily diet preparation

 Assist with daily feeding and husbandry for African Penguins and Tufted Puffins

 Provide enrichment for all marine animals

 Assist with routine record keeping and participate in weekly veterinary consultation

 Narrate a combination of daily Island Training demonstrations, keeper talks, and/or Sparky shows

 Provide routine animal observation; reporting any concerns to the keepers on duty

 Participate in a special project – proposed by intern or zoo staff

 Perform other duties as assigned


 Currently be in a degree program in zoology, biology or a related field with preference given to those interested in a career with marine mammals

 Be available to work weekdays, weekends, days, and holidays

 Obtain prior approval for college credit for the internship

 Demonstrate high quality ability to work independently or with a team

 Ability to lift objects in excess of 50 lbs. daily

 Ability to periodically lift objects in excess of 70 lbs

 Be able to endure exposure to cold temperatures on a regular basis

Further Comments

Intern application must:  Be currently enrolled in a degree program  Be available for at least 25 hours per week for summer semester and at least 15 hours for fall and winter semesters.  Meet all qualifications listed in the position description (as outlined here)  Receive college credit for the internship A complete Como Intern Application must include:  Cover letter indicating reasons for interest in a Como internship  Resume summarizing education and employment experiences  Two letters of reference; at least one reference from a professional in your primary field of study  Verification that college credit will be granted for the internship  Completed Internship Application form (found on our website)



How to Apply

Visit our website at and download the marine animal application. Submission information is located on the application materials. Application deadlines: August 10th November 10th March 10th

Como Park Zoo and Conservatory
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