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Oklahoma City Zoo

Animal Caretaker - Herpetology (Full Time)

Job Summary: Primarily maintains the welfare of the Zoo’s assigned reptile and amphibian (may include other taxa) collection and their environments through daily husbandry practices. This position interacts with the public and enhances visitor experiences and performs a variety of skilled/semi-skilled work required for the care and safety of animals, staff, and the public.

Essential Job Functions
An employee in this position may be called upon to do any or all of the following essential duties:

  • Actively participate in daily animal husbandry techniques and assessments related to: food, water, cleanliness, health, animal transfers, and behavior. 
  • Observe, monitor, and report animal behavior changes and medical problems; keep detailed records of animal weight, health, enrichment, training and behavior.
  • Maintain and renovate exhibits, service areas, and equipment.
  • Support daily purposeful enrichment and documentation to promote, encourage, and evaluate natural and guest engaging behaviors. 
  • Develop a basic understanding of and the ability to perform operant conditioning training; Participate in animal training programs.  
  • Assist in veterinary medical procedures; provide medication and treatment as directed by veterinary staff.
  • Educate and interact with guests in both formal and informal settings; provide positive guest experiences. 
  • Collaborate with other zoo departments.
  • Participate in and respond to safety-related issues and drills.
  • Participate in collaborative efforts to research natural behaviors and life histories of the animals in the area; research both current species and new species, as assigned. 
  • Work effectively in a team environment, including volunteers.
  • Plan and organize work projects for the areas assigned; acquire supplies and materials.
  • Participate in animal transfers, both off and on site.
  • Participate in conservation activities that support the zoo’s mission.
  • Support OKC Zoo’s strategic management plans and institutional goals.
  • Drive around the Oklahoma City area throughout all seasons of the year. 
Non- Essential Job Functions
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Experience Required

Experience Required: One (1) year of paid experience working in an Association of Zoos and Aquarium (AZA) accredited facility with relevant taxa OR, an equivalent combination of education and experience, including qualifying unpaid AZA internships, to successfully perform the essential duties.


13.52-15.55 per hour

How to Apply

Oklahoma City Zoo
2000 Remington Pl
Oklahoma City, OK 73111
Phone: 4054250272

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