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Kansas City Zoo


This position must be vaccinated or agree to become vaccinated for COVID-19, to work safely with staff and the animals under the Zoo’s care.
The Animal Care Specialist is responsible for performing routine work assignments, involving the daily care and welfare of animals within their area. This position also performs daily maintenance of exhibit and holding areas, as well as interacts with the public to provide information related to the Zoo’s animal collection.   
This is a part time position, scheduled no more than 29 hours per week, and will work with both the Zoo’s Baobab and Ruwenzori teams.
The Baobab team is responsible for the daily husbandry of a variety of species, including: western lowland gorilla, black mangabeys, red-capped mangabeys, amur leopard, eastern bongo, duiker, dik-dik, red river hogs, warthogs, cheetahs, lappet-faced vultures, bateleur eagles, saddle-billed storks, hamerkop, hadada ibis, white-faced whistling ducks, hottentot teal, marbled teal, silvery cheeked and southern ground hornbills, taveta weavers and aldabra tortoises.
The Ruwenzori team is responsible for the daily husbandry of a variety of African animals, including chimpanzees, river hippopotamus, slender-snouted crocodiles, kori bustards, African spurred tortoises, leopard tortoises, Guinea baboons, African painted dogs, yellow-billed storks and crowned cranes.
Performs daily animal husbandry activities, including:
  • Preparing diets and delivering animal feedings.
  • Giving medications and assisting with various animal health procedures.
  • Observing, logging, and reporting issues concerning animal behavior, health and welfare.
  • Training animals for basic husbandry and enrichment behaviors.
  • Creating and implementing various enrichment items/strategies.
Completes daily maintenance of exhibits and holding areas, including:
  • Cleaning exhibits, holding stalls and staff areas.
  • Performing minor repairs and improvements.
  • Reporting maintenance issues and potential safety hazards to appropriate manager.
Maintains daily reports and other required records.
Interacts with Zoo guests and the public, including:
  • Performing various animal chats and animal shows, as well as assisting with special events related to assigned area.
  • Engaging with daily visitors to answer questions about the Zoo and animals.
*This position may at times be requested to perform other duties or special projects as assigned, which are in the best interest of the Kansas City Zoo.
    1. Associate’s degree or Bachelor’s Degree/working towards degree in biology, animal science, zoology or related field preferred.
    2. High school diploma or General Educational Development (GED) certificate accepted with at least 3 years’ experience in similar position.
    1. Previous related Zoo or animal husbandry experience preferred.
    2. Knowledge of animal husbandry, behavior and procedures for proper care and training of exotic animals.
    3. Strong observation skills to recognize and evaluate conditions of animal health, diets and behavior.
    4. Strong computer skills, including Microsoft Office, preferred.
    5. Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions, including procedures for care and maintenance of animals, exhibit, service and holding areas.
    6. Strong verbal and written communication skills.
    1. Must have valid driver's license.
    2. Must have or be able to obtain negative TB test.
    3. Must be able to lift 50 pounds and have sufficient mobility to ensure a safe work environment.
    4. Must be able to stand for extended periods of time.
    5. Must be able to tolerate stress, endure high risk situations when feeding, transferring, or restraining animals, and make immediate decisions concerning the safety of animals, staff or the public.
    6. Must be willing to work a flexible schedule, including weekends, holidays and evening hours, in all weather extremes.
    7. Must pass a background and drug screening.
    8. Must be vaccinated or agree to become vaccinated for COVID-19, to work safely with staff and the animals under the team's care.

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Kansas City Zoo
6800 Zoo Drive
Kansas City, MO 64132
Phone: (816) 595-1234

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