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Audubon Nature Institute

Audubon Nature Institute

Curator Ambassador Animals / Sea Lions

Curator Ambassador Animals / Sea Lions

Position Summary

The Curator of Ambassador Animals / Sea Lions develops, maintains and oversees animal care practices, staff performance and development, and execution of programs of operant conditioning, enrichment, and conservation to advance welfare and education for a diverse group of animals for the Audubon Zoo. This position requires a skilled individual that has experience with the oversight of all aspects of animal management including husbandry, training, enrichment, exhibit design and maintenance, research, guest engagement, permitting, and conservation action.  Our program is growing and needs an innovative individual focused on animal welfare, safety and guest experience.  This is an exciting time to be part of a new direction at the Audubon Zoo.  This is a perfect opportunity for someone who enjoys working with amazing animals to inspire our guests to make a difference in the world. 


Principal Duties and Responsibilities


• Provide direction and oversight for Ambassador Animal / Sea lion operations, including animal care, enrichment, staff training, maintenance, guest interaction activities, research, conservation, special events and other projects as needed.

• Oversee development of staff work schedules to ensure optimum care of animals and exceptional experiences for guests.

• Lead and supervise all Ambassador Animal / Sea lion personnel.

• Participate in recruitment and selection of Ambassador Animal / Sea lion staff.

• Evaluate employee performance.

• Develop and maintain population plans for the relevant groups of animals and propose acquisition and disposition of animals.

• Coordinate animal health and other medical procedures with veterinary staff.

• Prepare, submit and monitor budgets as required.

• Approves diet change requests.

• Maintain records and provide written and verbal reports as required.

• Conduct emergency response drills to ensure emergency preparedness.

• Conduct and/or coordinate research projects.

• Contribute to strategic and other institutional planning processes.

• Contribute to planning for and maintain oversight of major/minor capital improvement projects for bird facilities.

• Participate in cooperative management programs, such as Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) studbooks, Population Management Plans, Species Survival Plans, Taxon Advisory Groups, Scientific Advisory Groups, and/or other cooperative management programs and committees.

• Develop and conduct presentations at professional meetings.

• Conduct educational presentations in both formal and informal settings.

• Perform other duties as required.



Education and Experience


• Bachelor’s degree in zoology or a closely related discipline.


• A minimum of four (4) years experience in an AZA or equivalent facility with demonstrated expertise with the relevant groups of animals.


• Three (3) years of proven leadership and management skills.


• Strong operant conditioning skills with ambassador animals and marine mammals.


• Strong interpersonal, team building, organizational and communication skills.  Able to partner effectively with other departments and all levels of staff and interact with a diverse workforce.


• Experience with budget development and monitoring.


• Proficiency in MS Office (Word, Outlook, Excel) and experience with ZIMS.



How to Apply

Audubon Nature Institute
6500 Magazine street
New Orleans, LA 70130
Fax: Audubon Nature Institute

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@Audubon Nature Insti

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