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Turtle Conservancy

About Turtle Conservancy The Turtle Conservancy protects turtles and tortoises and their ecosystems by: Conserving species in their natural habitat (through a combination of land acquisition, land management, and support for partners to acquire and/or manage turtle and tortoise habitat). Maintaining live animals to act as both assurance colonies and ambassador species. Developing an internationally-renowned science and research facility for chelonian conservation. Elevating global chelonian cons

Director of Education


Director of Education

The person in this position works to develop and implement education programs for the TC. These programs are mainly focused on high school (9-12), applied science courses offered in part at our campus in Ojai, CA in partnership with the Thacher School.  The Director of Education is responsible for envisioning the direction of the program, developing and implementing curriculum, working with TC leadership staff, networking with education and conservation partners, and overseeing administrative needs such as staff and budgets. 

The Director of Education should develop and implement an education program that is in-line with the Turtle Conservancy’s mission. (Read more about the Turtle Conservancy’s mission below.) Occasionally other education and outreach resources are needed, including interfacing with other schools or educational entities interested in turtle biology or conservation resources for students. The goal is to expand the education opportunities outside of Thacher School in the near future. The job will oversee a pilot summer camp program in 2022 for students from underprivileged communities.

Applied science courses currently offered:

  1. Field Biology and Conservation (Grade 11 and 12; two classes)

  2. Advanced Field Biology and Conservation (Grade 12; taught in tandem with the regular Field Bio class)

  3. Conservation Engineering (Elective course; designing and building basking sites for pond turtles at Sespe Cienega)

  4. Sophomore Science Turtle Programming (a 2-week intensive program in turtle evolution)

  5. Environmental Science (we are currently developing a plan for Env Sci students to document pond turtles and pond turtle habitat in the Ojai region not covered by the Field Bio class).

Daily duties include:

  1. Working closely with Thacher and TC education staff to develop curriculum

  2. Teaching classes

  3. Mentoring students on conservation projects

  4. Coordinating and participating in field projects designed to enhance the field biology class

  5. Ensuring the scientific accuracy of turtle-related content

  6. Overseeing TC education staff (teachers and teaching assistants)

  7. Coordinating with Thacher and TC leadership to continue developing programming that fits into each organization’s mission

  8. Fundraising

  9. Working with Thacher staff and leadership in developing new opportunities for partnership (public school/underserved community outreach, summer camps, travel programs, etc.

  • Passion for the environment and conservation

Experience Required

Preferred Qualifications (not requirements):  Advanced education degree (MS, PhD, etc) in a science related field  Experience in middle school or high school teaching and/or administration Experience in scientific research, field work, or conservation Ability to work outdoors and in the field (overnight hiking/camping trips are a part of the curriculum) Experience with grassroots development, movements, or organizations Progressive environmental and social worldview to support students Strong experience with education networking tools - parent and teacher groups, museums, universities, overseas/volunteer programs, other schools Passion for the environment and conservation

Further Comments

Hours and Salary: This position requires the candidate to be local and on-site several times per week. Part-time to full-time position, depending on experience and availability. We are flexible to fit your personal schedule. Remote work can be negotiated to accommodate personal needs as well. Salary commensurate with work experience. Minimum starting annual salary for full-time employment is $70,000 plus benefits.




Minimum starting annual salary for full-time employment is $70,000 plus benefits.

How to Apply

How to apply:


Please send cover letter and CV to

Turtle Conservancy
OJAI, CA 93023
Phone: 212-353-5060

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