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Miami Seaquarium

Wildlife Keeper Lead

As a member of the Animal Care staff, the Assistant Supervisor is an expert in the daily operations of the Wildlife Keeper department and is capable of overseeing and leading the department under the direction of the Animal Care Supervisor and General Curator. Playing an active role within the department, the assistant supervisor will assist in outlining the short term and long term goals for the animals and the staff in the department and will fully lead the area in the absence of the Supervisor. Through their actions and behavior, the Assistant Supervisor models professional behavior at all times by demonstrating cooperation, communication, trust and mutual respect to all those around. 
Roles & Responsibilities
The daily functions of the Assistant Supervisor include but are not limited to the following;
•Ensure standards for a safe and healthy work environment for staff are met.
•Ensure compliance to all safety protocols and ERP’s and that they are current.  
•Ensure the standards are being maintained for department upkeep including, animals, exhibits, staff facilities, animal procedures, show/experience value and staff appearance
•Ensure compliance to government regulations and industry standards in all aspects of the operation.  This is includes USDA/APHIS, OSHA, EPA, AZA, etc…
•Ensure the highest standard of guest service are being met by the staff by teaching the skills of anticipating guest needs, providing friendly and professional communications and correct information.
•Observe animals and exhibits with Wildlife Keeper team and make recommendations for improvements to Animal Care Supervisor and General Curator.
•Responsible for proper staffing of animal/work areas through effective scheduling.
•Delegate appropriate responsibilities as needed.
•Communicate all concerning events to the appropriate personnel in a timely manner (e.g., curator, supervisor, veterinarian, park ops, etc..)
•Coach and teach keepers in all areas of daily operations and animal husbandry.
•Perform leadership functions, decision making and reporting responsibilities in the absence of the area supervisor
•Work together with the supervisor to determine both short and long term needs and goals for staff and animal collection, as well as being responsible for the overall progress and success of the area
•Actively leading in guest relations of the highest quality, providing accurate and current industry information while coaching fellow employees to do the same
•Perform major roles in, and teach others to play a major role in educational presentations.
•Lead and play active role in exhibit modifications, renovations and deep cleanings.
•Analyze and anticipate the inventory needs of the areas and assist in the purchasing of necessary inventory items.
•Capable of performing/ training staff on all daily husbandry tasks, including; food preparation, disinfection procedures, vitamin administration, record keeping, animal observation, and process improvements for area husbandry
•Teach staff to identify any possible abnormalities in animal behavior, appearance and their environment.
•Ensure that the standards of maintaining animal health and welfare at the current level of criteria are being met.
•Establish and implement the goals of the keepers each day with staff.
•Maintain collaborative relationship with veterinary staff to ensure understanding and progression in all animal treatments. 
•Ability to troubleshoot and solve challenges with exhibit maintenance, animal behavior and health concerns. Able to convey these challenges and solutions to the staff as teachable moments.
•Supervise all aspects of animal husbandry and related to the animals in the Wildlife keeper department.
•Monitor and ensure good welfare of animals in the collection through routine assessments and improvements as needed.
•Working with the Supervisor and Curator, determine the short and long term planning of the exhibits and animal collection plan.
•Lead and participate in animal transport and veterinarian procedures.
•Assist in rescue and rehabilitation of West Indian Manatees.
•Act as a mentor to others in the Keeper department and hold the staff accountable in the areas of communication, team work, and productivity.
•Maintain professional attitude, team player concept, flexible approach to the schedule, and physical fitness.
•Assist in developing cooperation, communication, trust and mutual respect skills with all members of the keeper department through role modeling, seminars and other resources
•Help maintain employee morale and motivation throughout the department through team building and staff development opportunities.
•Demonstrate exemplary professional behavior at all times being a role model for all others to emulate.
•Conduct and play an active role in the routine staff meeting
•Responsible for maintaining positive work environments by ensuring all communications are respectful, encouraging, solution based and courteous.
•Continue to expand knowledge and abilities of staff in all aspects of park procedures, animals and aquarium science.
•Provide proper training for both naïve and experienced keepers through seminars, daily critiques and literature
•Provide staff with tools necessary to accomplish department goals.
•Work closely with senior staff members to develop their informal leadership skills and advanced husbandry and training skills.
•Provide open and professional communication between management and all members of the department, making them aware of all daily priorities and changes
•Be the contact person for all departments in Aquatics as needed
•Perform these duties as the department requires regardless of time, day or location
Minimum Qualifications:
Education and Certifications
Education: Must possess a bachelors or associates degree, or equivalent animal keeping experience.
Experience: Minimum of 6 years as a keeper at an accredited zoological facility with at least 2 in a senior or leadership role
Other: SCUBA certification is required. Preferred requirements include CPR certification.

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Miami Seaquarium
Miami, FL

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