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The Maryland Zoo

Animal Keeper- Penguins

General Summary: The Animal Keeper will provide care and maintenance of the animals and their associated exhibits and holding areas. The Animal Keeper is responsible for working collaboratively with other keepers and coworkers to achieve departmental and Zoo-wide initiatives. The Animal Keeper will report to his or her assigned Area Manager and the Assistant General Curator.



Essential Functions:


Primary Function:


  • Observe animals' appetite, disposition, habits, physical appearance and/or excreta to detect and assess indications of stress, illness, welfare, and medical and behavioral trends;
  • Inspect enclosures, tanks, fencing, pools, furniture and public areas for cleanliness and/or structural defects and to perform minor repairs and maintenance as needed;
  • Prepare diets for animals, clean and fill water containers, and place food in exhibits or holding areas at specified times and in compliance with established practices for the assigned work area(s);
  • Maintain facilities, public areas, exhibits, and associated animal areas according to the area protocols or as directed by management;
  • Transfer animals in accordance with departmental policy and standards from one enclosure to another for animal management purposes;
  • Provide species appropriate and approved enrichment to animals in accordance with departmental policies and guidelines;
  • Participate in planning, execution and data collection for approved research projects;
  • Work collaboratively with other zoo staff and departments to support institutional advancement opportunities, marketing initiatives, conservation programs, public relations communications, and the development of educational materials;
  • Provide routine maintenance of facilities and minor repair of equipment, exhibits, and all associated animal areas;
  • Maintain familiarity with all animal recapture and restraint equipment and all animal recapture policies;
  • Capture and restrain animals for required veterinary and management procedures;
  • Assist with medical care procedures and administer medical treatments as directed and prescribed;
  • Implement pest management strategies;
  • Assist in the coordination of building maintenance and other projects. Escort and carefully monitor facilities and contractor activities in animal areas;
  • Act as a member of the Animal Recapture Team as needed and directed;
  • Travel periodically to attend professional development opportunities;
  • Perform other duties as assigned; and,
  • Adhere to all policies and procedures of the Zoo.


Communication (Internal and External):


  • Maintain reports on all animal conditions in daily reports, diaries, electronic records, etc.;
  • Review all available animal management records, reports and diaries as directed in order to plan and execute daily operations in assigned area(s);
  • Provide regular updates to the Area Manager on the condition and status of the animal collection;
  • Attend all staff and departmental meetings, and attend all staff training sessions as directed;
  • Interpret the Zoo to guests, donors, and zoo associates; and,
  • Promote the mission of the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.


Management of Resources (financial, human resources, facilities):


  • Unload and store commissary items;
  • Maintain equipment and tools in a good state of repair; and,
  • Inspect and maintain safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers, first aid kits, eyewash stations, and PPE.

Experience Required


How to Apply

Please Apply Directly through our Portal

The Maryland Zoo
1876 Mansion House Drive
Baltimore, MD 21217
Phone: 443-552-0890

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