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Dynasty Marine Associates Inc

Aquarist II


There are five levels of Aquarist positions at Dynasty Marine; the Intern, the Part-time Aquarist, the Level 1 Aquarist, the Level 2 Aquarist, and the Senior Aquarist. The individual in this position attends to fish and other aquatic life, prepares food and feeds fish according to schedule, cleans and upkeeps tanks, maintains equipment and life support systems (LSS), performs water quality testing, observes fish to detect diseases and injuries, and treats fish according to directions from the Lab Manager.  Aquarists work under the direction of the Lab Manager whom oversees the operations of our holding facility.

Level 2 Aquarist

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Maintain all tanks in the Lab.  This includes routine tank cleaning, water quality testing, water changes, etc.

  • Operate equipment and LSS including pumps, filters, sterilization units, chillers/heaters and blowers and participate in scheduled maintenance routine of utensils, tools, equipment and facilities.

  • Perform repairs to equipment and facilities or help building new systems as determined by management.

  • Becomes totally familiar with physical layout of the facility and understands how to operate all systems.

  • Fully comprehends the biological processes that occur in filtration systems

  • Fully comprehends the theory of ozone and can operate the ozone systems at Dynasty Marine effectively and safely.

  • Monitor fish for detection and treatment of diseases

  • Prepare food ratios and feed the fish, according to quarantines and fasting schedules.

  • Demonstrates expertise in species identification.

  • Help in the process of unpacking, packing and shipping of fish and invertebrates.

  • Maintain stock of pre-made double bags and plastic boxes used for shipment of specimens.

  • Fill in when needed to help other staff members in the daily routine.

  • Demonstrates appropriate cross coverage proficiencies. 

  • Demonstrates the ability to work with minimal supervision and without the need to consult others on a routine basis.

Secondary Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with the occasional collection of specimens available nearby using canoes and hand nets.

  • Issue the Lab Report at the end of the day during designated “on call” days.

  • Assist in designing, implementing and evaluating procedures and protocols within the lab.

  • Assists the activities of newer Aquarists when needed.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • A minimum of two years employment as a Level 1 Aquarist at Dynasty Marine.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Biology, Environmental Science or related field.

  • Carpentry, mechanical and plumbing skills required. Electrical skills are highly desirable.

  • Knowledge of filtration and LSS systems.  

  • Animal husbandry skills required.

  • Ability to update and maintain aquaria pumps, filters, and basic plumbing knowledge.

  • Ability to handle the physical demands of the job.

  • Ability to work weekends and extended hours.

  • Availability to be “on call” as the first contact during designated “on duty” days.

  • Reside within 10 minutes of the facilities.                                                                                                                    

How to Apply

Email resume to

Dynasty Marine Associates Inc
Marathon, FL

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