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Little Rock Zoo

Animal Keeper - Savannah and Birds

The Little Rock Zoo and the City of Little Rock is seeking a qualified Animal Keeper for Savannah and Birds.  This position works with a variety of hoofstock, other mammals and birds.  This position is responsible for the daily husbandry and management of these animals.  The Zoo has many exciting changes that will be occurring over the coming years and it’s a great time to join the Team.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Observes small and medium hoofstock and other mammals as well as a variety of birds in assigned areas for injuries or symptoms of disease, and changes in behavior: reports changes and problems to supervisor; recommends changes to assist animals’ psychological and physiological well-being; implements approved changes
  • Prepares food and feeds animals as assigned according to established diets and assigned schedule; researches and recommends diet changes based on time of the year and the behavior and body condition of animals; implements approved changes.
  • Maintains detailed narratives and charts of animal observations, care, and handling.
  • Captures and restrains animals for transport, examination or medical treatment.
  • Administers prescribed medications to animals; assists veterinarian in administration of medication or treatment of animals
  • Cleans enclosures and exhibits
  • Assists or conducts positive reinforcement training of animals in area based on long-range goals of the area and the zoo.
  • Provides enriching environment through the use of approved enrichment items, furniture, etc.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Knowledge of techniques and philosophies required to work with hoofstock, other mammals and birds
  • Knowledge of exotic animal behavior, physiology and habitat
  • Knowledge of enclosure/exhibit construction and repair
  • Knowledge of training (operant conditioning, positive reinforcement) and enrichment for animals.
  • Knowledge of ZIMS record keeping, and other computer programs such as Word and Excel

Experience Required

Minimum qualifications are two (2) years of experience in the care of small hoofstock, birds or other exotic animals in a controlled environment.

How to Apply

Visit City of Little Rock website or follow the link:

Little Rock Zoo
1 Zoo Drive
Little Rock 72205

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