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Milwaukee County Zoo


Job Summary: 

To maintain and enhance the welfare of the zoo animals. Provide care of zoo animals, their enclosures, surroundings, and support facilities; produce accurate records; and assist in public education, animal conservation and research.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Maintain Animal Care Facilities - Clean, maintain, and improve animal enclosures, service areas and surroundings. Operate and maintain animal life-support systems and animal facilities. Assist design, planning, and preparation of animal facilities. Assist in pest control and identify maintenance needs.  
  • Provide Animal Care - Observe and understand the behavior and needs of animals. Maintain and enhance the welfare of the animals in the zoo collection. Order, prepare and present approved diets. Participate in animal training and enrichment programs. Conduct animal care procedures.
  • Assist with Veterinary Care - Monitor and report animal health status.   Administer approved medications and care. Assist veterinary team during animal health diagnostic and care procedures. Train, manually restrain, capture and transport animals.
  • Conduct Education Programs - Conduct formal and informal public presentations regarding animals, including natural history, care, conservation and research, the Zoo and related topics. Assist in developing and presenting tours. Assist training educators, tour guides and volunteers.
  • Report and Maintain Records - Report and maintain records including, but not limited to: animal feeding habits, diets, breeding behavior, health status, physical conditions, enrichment and training. Complete and maintain copies of work orders and other records regarding the operation and use of the animal area facilities. 
  • Participate in Animal Conservation and Research Programs - Assist in the development of and participate in animal conservation and research programs.     
  • Enhance Professional Knowledge, Experience and Training - Participate in professional organizations, conferences, workshops, seminars, and other education and training programs. Collaborate with zoo, conservation, research and other professionals and organizations.    
  • Ability lift and carry up to 75 lbs.; ability to push and pull up to 50 lbs.
  • Use of Vehicles, Tools and Equipment – Safely and properly operate: vans, pickup trucks, golf carts, bicycles, skid loaders, hand tools, power tools, personal computers, laboratory equipment and general office equipment.
  • Other Duties as Assigned - Examples including, but not limited to: serve on animal escape weapons team, provide backup coverage for animal commissary operations, assist training other staff, assist in security and safety programs, and availability to work night shifts on occasion.

Required Education, License/Certification and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Animal Biology, Wildlife Biology, Zoology, Ecology, or closely related field required
  • One (1) year or more of Zoo Animal Care required
  • Valid Driver’s License required. Valid State of Wisconsin Driver’s license required or must be obtained within 6 months of employment

PG15 Org:9500 RV



Hourly Range: $18.51 - $20.71/hr

How to Apply

Applications must be submitted through the Milwaukee County website at:

Milwaukee County Zoo
Milwaukee, WI

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