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Invertebrates are typically cold-blooded animals that do not have vertebral columns. Approximately 95% of all animals are invertebrates which are composed of over 30 phyla. These include simple organisms such as sea sponges, starfish and flatworms to complex animals such as insects, spiders, crabs, and mollusks. Threats to invertebrates including habitat loss, infectious diseases, introduced species, climate disruption, and pollution are rapidly driving many species towards extinction. 

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Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are "biodiversity hotspots" representing all trophic levels from primary producers such as algae, to top level predators such as sharks.


Jellies have been on the planet for over 650 million years!


These beneficial insects are threatened by habitat loss, pesticides, pollution, and competition from non-native invasive species.

White-Spotted Octopus


The White-spotted Octopus habitat is severely threatened by pollution and over-fishing.