International Conservation Award

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About the International Conservation Award

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums names conservation as its highest priority, and recognizes exceptional efforts by AZA Institution, Related Facility, or Conservation Partner members toward habitat preservation, species restoration, and support of biodiversity in the wild through its Conservation Award.

If there is any question as to what constitutes an eligible project, please email Barbara Pueschel, or call 301-244-3326.

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Remember to submit a  Media Release Form  with your application. 

All Honors and Awards applications must be submitted in electronic format ONLY and must be compiled into one PDF file. Please make sure the file name reflects both the award name and the institution. 

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Take a look at winners.


Saint Louis Zoo & many more for AZA Zoos Giving Voice to the Sahara: Sahara Conservation Fund (SCF) as a model for a zoo-driven conservation movement 
The following collaborators share this award with Saint Louis Zoo:
Abilene Zoo
Audubon Nature Institute
Blank Park Zoo
Brevard Zoo
Bronx Zoo
Buffalo Zoo
Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
Calgary Zoo
Chicago Zoological Society - Brookfield Zoo
Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden
Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
Dickerson Park Zoo
Fossil Rim Wildlife Center
Fresno Chaffee Zoo
Houston Zoo, Inc.
John Ball Zoo
Kansas City Zoo
Lee Richardson Zoo
Lehigh Valley Zoo
Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens
Milwaukee County Zoological Gardens
Minnesota Zoological Garden
Nashville Zoo
North Carolina Zoo
Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium
Oregon Zoo
Philadelphia Zoo
Phoenix Zoo
Potawatomi Zoo
Rolling Hills Zoo
Sacramento Zoo
Safari West Wildlife Preserve
San Antonio Zoo
San Diego Zoo Global
San Francisco Zoo
Sedgwick County Zoo
Smithsonian National Zoological Park
The Living Desert
Toledo Zoo
Tulsa Zoo
Utah's Hogle Zoo
White Oak Conservation Center
Woodland Park Zoo
Zoo Atlanta
Zoo Boise
Zoo Miami
Zoo New England

2015 Significant Achievement

North Carolina Zoo and Wildlife Conservation Society for Successful Conservation of the Critically Endangered Cross River Gorilla 


Woodland Park Zoo and collaborators for Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program in Papua New Guinea 
*The following collaborators share this award with Woodland Park Zoo:
Brevard Zoo
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
Gladys Porter Zoo
Milwaukee County Zoological Gardens
Minnesota Zoological Garden
Oregon Zoo
Riverbanks Zoo & Garden
Roger Williams Park Zoo
Saint Louis Zoo
San Diego Zoo
Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo
Sedgwick County Zoo
Smithsonian National Zoological Park
Zoo New England


Lincoln Park Zoo for Serengeti Health Initiative

2013 Significant Achievement

Bronx Zoo and Toledo Zoo for The Kihansi Spray Toad: A Cooperative Venture to Re-establish an Extinct-in-the-Wild Species

Minnesota Zoo for Science-based Management of Rhino Conservation and Tourism on Namibia's Communal Lands


San Diego Zoo Global, Smithsonian National Zoological Park, Memphis Zoo, Zoo Atlanta for Giant Pandas and their Habitat  

Saint Louis Zoo for Grevy's Zebra Trust and AZA: A Model of Collaborative Endangered Species Collaboration*  

*The following collaborators share this award with Saint Louis Zoo:
Brevard Zoo
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
Chicago Zoological Society
Cleveland Zoo
Dallas Zoo
Denver Zoo
Detroit Zoo
Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund and Rapid Relief Fund
Fresno Chaffee Zoo
White Oak Conservation Center
Jackson Zoo
Jacksonville Zoo
Los Angeles Zoo
Living Desert
Oklahoma City Zoo
Oregon Zoo
Phoenix Zoo
Reid Park Zoo (Zoo Teens Program)
Riverbanks Zoo
Sacramento Zoo
Safari West
San Diego Zoo Global
SeaWorld / Busch Gardens
Sedgwick County Zoo
Toronto Zoo
Utah's Hogle Zoo

2011 Top Honors

 Zoo Society of Milwaukee - Bonobo and Congo Biodiversity Initiative

2010 Top Honors

 Houston Zoo, Inc. - El Valle Amphibian Conservation Center (EVACC)

 Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo - Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership

2009 Top Honors

Lincoln Park Zoo — Gombe Ecosystem Health Project

2008 Top Honors

New England Aquarium — Phoenix Islands Protected Area

2008 Significant Achievement

North Carolina Zoo — Cameroon Elephant Tracking and Conservation Project

Wildlife Conservation Society, Lincoln Park Zoo, Woodland Park Zoo, Reid Park Zoo, Kansas City Zoo, Indianapolis Zoo, Roger Williams Park Zoo, Jacksonville Zoo, Milwaukee Zoo — Tarangire Elephant Project

2007 Top Honors

Fort Worth Zoo, San Diego Zoo, Wildlife Conservation Society / Bronx Zoo, Zoo Atlanta, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo — Strategic Partnership For Asian Turtle Conservation

2007 Significant Achievement

Denver Zoological Foundation — Mongolian Wildlife Conservation Program

2005 Top Honors

Kinabatangan Orangutan Conservation Project — Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

2005 Significant Achievement

Philippines Biodiversity Conservation Program — Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden (USA); Columbus Zoo and Aquarium (USA); Dallas Zoological Society (USA); Oklahoma City Zoological Park (USA); West of England Zoological Society (Bristol Zoo, UK.); Decin Zoo (Germany); Dresden Zoo (Germany); Gessellschaft zum Schutz der Eulen e.V. (Society for Conservation and Research of Owls); Landau Zoo (Germany); Loro Parque Fundacion (Tenerife, Spain); Melbourne Zoo (Australia); North of England Zoological Society (Chester Zoo, U.K.); Parc Zoologique et Botanique de la Ville de Mulhouse (Mulhouse Zoo, France); Rotterdam Zoo (Netherlands)

2004 Top Honors

Minnesota Zoo — Sumatran Tiger Conservation Program

2003 Top Honors

Rodrigues Fruit Bat Conservation Program — The Philadelphia Zoo, Oregon Zoo, Disney's Animal Kingdom, Woodland Park Zoo, Roger Williams Park Zoo, Blank Park Zoo, John Ball Zoo, Riverbanks Zoo, Folsom Children's Zoo, Biodome de Montreal

2002 Top Honors

Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program — Roger Williams Park Zoo, Calgary Zoological Society, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Gladys Porter Zoo, Kangaroo Conservation Center, Miami Metro Zoo, Milwaukee County Zoo, Oregon Zoo, Philadelphia Zoo, Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium, Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, San Antonio Zoo, Santa Fe Community Teaching College, Woodland Park Zoo, Zoological Society of San Diego

2001 Top Honors

BIOANDINA: Conserving High Andes Habitat in Venezuela — Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

2000 Top Honors

Jamaican Iguana Conservation & Recovery Program — Fort Worth Zoo, San Diego Zoo, Indianapolis Zoo, Audubon Institute, Sedgwick County Zoo, Tulsa Zoo, Toledo Zoo, Central Florida Zoo, Columbus Zoo, Woodland Park Zoo, Gladys Porter Zoo and the Milwaukee County Zoo

ADOPT SAP: Sapo National Park, Libera, West Africa — Philadelphia Zoo