Institutional Liaisons

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Institutional Liaisons

The default Institutional Liaison (IL) is often the CEO/Director, however the Director may appoint an alternate IL for their AZA-accredited institution. The IL appoints and oversees the Institutional Representatives (IR) at this institution and ensures that there is effective communication and participation between the institution and AZA’s Animal Programs. It is assumed that all decisions/votes made by the IL are approved by the Director. The IL will serve as the default IR for any program which does not have an IR. The IL works with the Program Leaders and IRs to ensure that their institution fully participates in all associated Species Survival Plan® Programs, and if necessary, will participate in conflict resolution processes.

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Requirements for Eligibility

Details about requirements for eligibility to serve as an IL are specified in the Animal Program Handbooks , however ILs must:

  • be a full-time employee at an AZA-accredited Institution or Certified Related Facility.
  • be designated by the CEO/Director of his/her institution.
  • be a member of AZA.
  • have the capability to manage all IRs at his/her institution.
  • have the ability to make animal management decisions.


Details about IL functions and management processes are specified in the Animal Program Handbooks, however primary functions include: