Message to Current and Potential Inspectors

Service as an accreditation inspector is a huge responsibility and requires a tremendous amount of work. Inspectors are a critical part of the accreditation process. AZA, and every institution it has accredited, relies on inspectors to do a thorough job and make an unbiased evaluation based upon accreditation standards and modern zoological practices and philosophies.

In addition to having professional expertise and sufficient experience, inspectors must be willing to follow instructions, study hard in advance, allow sufficient time and have sufficient patience to inspect, be capable of making tough decisions if necessary, remain impartial, and maintain complete confidentiality. The report and recommendations each team provides to the Accreditation Commission are an integral part of the process, and the list of concerns that each team generates provides an institution with a clear outline of items that must be successfully addressed before accreditation can be considered.

While the inspectors themselves do not determine whether an institution is ultimately accredited or not (that is the decision of the Accreditation Commission), inspectors serve as the "eyes and ears" of the Commission, and create a guide for professional improvement. AZA is grateful to all the experts who participate in this important process! Please visit the profiles of our Accreditation Inspectors of the Year.

Accreditation Inspector's Handbook

Visiting Committee Members may download the Inspector's Handbook (PDF) or contact the AZA office at 301-562-0777 to receive a copy.


The Inspector's Application Form may be submitted in either hard copy or electronic format. To submit the application via mail or fax, please click here. To submit the application electronically via email, please click here.

Spring 2022 Accreditation Inspectors

A big thank you . . .

Image of AZA Inspectors in front of aquarium exhibitEach year, many professional colleagues volunteer their time to assist the Accreditation Commission by conducting accreditation inspections and certification inspections. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily and dramatically altered where and how we work, there are foundational elements of our accreditation program that we cannot change without compromising the integrity of our process. On-site inspections are one of these cornerstones. Without the willingness and dedication of our volunteer inspectors, this aspect of our program would not have been able to move forward during these trying times. We owe a special level of gratitude to those brave individuals who have selflessly participated in on-site inspections in order to keep our accreditation program moving forward despite the increased risks associated with the pandemic this past year.

Denny Lewis
Senior Vice President, Accreditation Programs

Jennifer DiNenna
Director, Accreditation Programs

Cheri Bermudez
Accreditation Programs Coordinator

Our Spring 2022 AZA Accreditation Inspectors
Schanee Anderson
Jackson Andrews
Healther Arens, DVM
Louise Beyea, DVM
Elizabeth Bicknese, DVM 
Bruce Bohmke 
Laura Bottaro
Michelle Bowman, DVM
Jon Brangan 
Ellen Bronson, DVM
Tim Brown
Kyle Burks, PhD
Bert Castro
Greg Charbeneau
David Cochran
Casey Coy
Erika Crook, DVM
Jennifer D’Agostino, DVM
John Davis
Thom Demas
Glenn Dobrogosz
Kevin Drees
Jeff Ettling, PhD
Jeff Ewelt
Adam Eyres
Norah Fletchall
Chris Gentile
Jesse Gilbert
Carrie Goertz, DVM
Nicole Grandinetti
Caitlin Hadfield, DVM
David Hagan
Jessica Hoffman
Sheri Horiszny
Nate Jaros
Stacey Johnson
Alan Kardon
Jen Kilburn, DVM
Andi Kornak
Dwight Lawson, PhD
Katie Leighty, PhD    
Rick Lichner
Brett Long
Keith Lovett
Allen McDowell
Jill Mellen, PhD
Gary Michael
Allen Monroe
Amos Morris
Dee Murphy
Mike Murray, DVM
Natalie Mylniczenko, DVM
Mike Nance, DVM
Lisa New
Nick Newby
Lori Perkins
Chris Pfefferkorn
Jan Raines, DVM
Karen Rifenbury
Lauren Ripple
Rachel Ritchason
Sam Rivera, DVM
Lee Ann Rottman
Jeff Sailer
Rodney Schnellbacher, DVM
Mike Selig, DVM
Anne Shimerdla
Brandie Smith, PhD
Joe Smith, DVM
Lisa Smith
Cindy Stadler, DVM
Meg Sutherland-Smith, DVM
Steve Taylor
Scott Terrell, DVM
Rich Toth
Carrie Ullmer, DVM
Bill Van Bonn, DVM
Alan Varsik
Kris Vehrs
Brent Whitaker, DVM 
Sandy Wilson, DVM
Keith Winsten
Jeff Wyatt, DVM
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