Inspector of the Year: Operations

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Maylon White

Maylon White, Director, North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island

Maylon White has been involved in AZA's accreditation program for over ten years.  He has participated on eleven inspection teams, serving as Team Chair for five of them.  Maylon's interest in the marine world first began by watching episodes of "Sea Hunt" which led to a decision to take scuba lessons.  After becoming certified in scuba in 1969, he looked for ways to stay underwater as much as possible.  Soon after receiving his Master's Degree in Oceanography, Maylon joined the planning team for the Virginia Marine Science Museum (now the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center) in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  In 2001, he played a large role in helping the aquarium obtain AZA accreditation for the first time, eventually becoming its Director of Exhibits and Husbandry.  In 2010, Maylon joined the staff of the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island as its Director.  In addition to his duties as an aquarium Director and accreditation inspector, he also currently serves as a member of AZA's Aquarium Affairs Committee.  Maylon's vast knowledge and commitment to the zoo and aquarium profession is recognized and highly valued by colleagues and by AZA.