Inspector of the Year: Animal Management and Husbandry

Perry Hampton, Vice President of Husbandry, Aquarium of the Pacific

Perry Hampton has always had a passion for learning about animals, nurtured from an early age through exposure to the diverse wildlife of his native hometown in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Perry began his career as a volunteer aquarist at the New England Aquarium in 1981 shortly after graduating from the Southampton College of Long Island University. He then moved to the National Aquarium in Baltimore where he spent 15 years working as an Aquarist, Volunteer Diver Coordinator, and Assistant Curator of Fishes. He is now the Vice President of Husbandry at the Aquarium of the Pacific, where he was worked since 1997. He was heavily involved in the startup of the aquarium and feels that the experience was one of the most rewarding of his career. Perry has been an AZA member for over 22 years and has served as an accreditation inspector since 2002. He has also served on AZA’s Honors and Awards Committee, and has been a member of the Accreditation Commission since 2014. Perry believes very strongly that AZA’s accreditation process is one of the most important functions that AZA provides, elevating the professionalism of the zoological field and ensuring the highest standards in all aspects of animal care and operations.

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