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Host a FrogWatch USA Chapter

FrogWatch USA is an AZA citizen science program that encourages community stewardship by training volunteers to listen and report the breeding calls of frogs and toads in their local wetlands. FrogWatch USA chapters engage people in both science and conservation in such a way that each volunteer is empowered to do more.

The host institutions for each FrogWatch USA chapter will identify chapter coordinators who will then recruit, train, and support a corps of local FrogWatch USA volunteers. FrogWatch USA chapter coordinators are trained by AZA, in-person or online, gaining the knowledge, skills, and tools needed for educating and engaging volunteers. 

Chapter Coordinator Training Sessions

In-person Training  Opportunities

AZA has offered in-person chapter coordinator training workshops throughout the country with the support of National Science Foundation grant funding. No workshops are scheduled at this time.Thank you to all hosts & attendees - past and present!

Regional FrogWatch USA Coordinators also host chapter coordinator workshops. There are currently no scheduled coordinator-led workshops - but check back regularly for more updates!

The FrogWatch USA online training courses are now available! The chapter coordinator training course is a self-paced, interactive module that provides you with the resources needed to host a local FrogWatch USA chapter, and defines your roles and responsibilities as a chapter coordinator. Learn more and enroll

Benefits of Hosting a Chapter

Opening a FrogWatch USA chapter supports a national network of FrogWatch USA Chapters and volunteers that together provide large scale, long term data and contribute to amphibian conservation. The FrogWatch USA chapter network also promotes institutions and groups within their local community and links ex situ programs to in situ conservation at zoos and aquariums.

Some incentives for starting a local FrogWatch USA Chapter include:

  • Being affiliated with AZA’s first flagship citizen science program
  • Being part of a national conservation initiative that includes over ten years of data from every state in the United States
  • In-person and online training opportunities for Chapter Coordinators
  • Receiving free training and promotional materials
  • Networking opportunities among Chapters
  • Improving the data quality of a national citizen science program
  • Providing a credible forum for educating, discussing, and engaging your community in local environmental issues
  • Creating community of enthusiastic and consistently trained FrogWatch USA volunteers poised to become community advocates on behalf of your institution’s broader conservation objectives.

Apply to Host a Chapter

Download the FrogWatch USA Chapter Manual to learn more about Chapter responsibilities, the support each chapter will receive from AZA, the national FrogWatch USA infrastructure, and to obtain a chapter application. Complete and email the application to:

It will take 2-4 weeks for AZA to process these applications. Once processed, the AZA FrogWatch USA Coordinator will contact the chapter coordinators to answer questions, discuss chapter coordinator training, and provide FrogWatch USA materials.

You can also learn more about hosting a Chapter by reading about other chapter coordinators' experiences in 2011, in addition to reading a retrospective report of chapter activities from 2012-2015.