Green Scientific Advisory Group

Green Scientific Advisory Group

The mission of the Green Scientific Advisory Group (SAG) is to develop cooperative relationships between AZA, its Animal Programs, its accredited institutions, and the conservation/scientific community to identify ways to minimize negative environmental impacts by reducing consumption of both natural and manufactured resources, reducing production of hazardous wastes, developing systems and programs for re-use of materials, and by recycling materials that cannot be reused.

The Green SAG advises the Animal Population Management (APM) Committee, Conservation Department, and Animal Programs on issues related to green practices. It is overseen by the Wildlife Conservation Committee.


The Green SAG is administered by a Steering Committee composed of three Officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary), all of whom are elected from the Green SAG membership. The primary functions of the Green SAG are to:

  • Develop a central, remote-access information source about green practices.
  • Develop recommendations for minimum standards, particularly low-cost green practices which are readily implemented without significant budget impact.
  • Work with AZA to incorporate green activities into its accreditation process.
  • Help minimize the duplication of efforts by AZA institutions in identifying and developing green practices.
  • Identify areas where green collaborations among zoos & aquaria may reduce costs and increase efficiency.
  • Enhance AZA's role as a conservation leader for green practices.
  • Assist AZA-accredited institutions to develop a "green culture" that reaches zoo employees, volunteers, and guests.

Become a Green SAG Member

Membership is non-tiered, there are no dues, and though Standing Rules are in place, there are no Bylaws. Individuals interested in becoming a Green SAG member must possess expertise in sustainable practices at a zoo or aquarium.

If you are interested in becoming involved with or obtaining more information about the Green SAG, please contact Liz Larsen, Chair.

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