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Anaerobic Digestion (Methane Recovery)

  • AD Network Independent information on the AD process and related subjects.
  • Bekon Energy
    Electrical and thermal power from biogas.
  • The European Anaerobic Digestion Network
    Country-by-country status reports and policy reviews.
  • How Anaerobic Digestion (Methane Recovery) Works
    Biodigesters recover methane from animal manure through a process called anaerobic digestion. Here's how it works.
  • Kompogas systems
    Using kitchen and garden waste for energy production.
  • Organic Power Limited
    By adopting a completely natural process and without additional chemicals, the organic materials are degraded by naturally occurring aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. The process eliminates the pollution normally associated with organic residues and produces high quality methane gas, food grade carbon dioxide and clean fertilizers with no waste products.
  • Phased Solids Digestion
    Two companies using the anaerobic digester process to process industrial wastes, energy crops, food processing residues and agricultural slurries to create energy.