Green Practices: Materials and Products

Environmentally preferred items, from compostable food service products and recycled paper, to green cleaning chemicals and sustainable coffee.  

  • Biodegradable Products Institute Promotes use and recycling of biodegradable polymeric materials (via composting) and products that BPI has certified as officially compostable (including Compostable Bags, Foodservice, Resins, and Packaging).
  • Cheyenne Mountain Zoo's Guide to Sustainable Yield Palm Oil Products Resources for learning more about the palm oil crisis, which affects wild orangutans and other animals.
  • CleanWell Unique alcohol-free hand sanitizer free of triclosan and other synthetic antibacterial agents.
  • Air Dryers v. Paper Towels (PDF) This life cycle assessment shows that the use of hand air driers results in a smaller environmental footprint than the use of paper towels
  • Coffee and Conservation Information about the connection between coffee and the environment -- especially bird habitat.
  • Common Myths about Recycled Paper Conservatree is a nonprofit catalyst and advocate for ecologically sustainable paper markets, combining environmental commitment with paper industry and technical savvy. Conservatree provides practical tools and realistic strategies for successful conversion to environmentally sound papers.
  • Consumer Reports Eco Label Center Find out what the labels on your favorite products really mean. Search by product, category, or certifier to get Consumer Reports' expert evaluation of labels on food, wood, personal care products and household cleaners.
  • Consumer Reports Greener Choices: Products for a Better Planet Reviews and information on choosing environmentally preferred Appliances, Cars, Electronics, Food and beverages, Home and garden items.
  • Environmental Defense's Paper Calculator Compare different papers. Enter the grade of paper you use and how much and see how using less paper, increasing recycled content, or making other changes can reduce impacts. See the environmental benefits. Save the results in an easy-to-read report, to help your institution measure the benefits of better paper choices.
  • The Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Guide Information from the Twin Cities' Green Guardian website to help citizens understand the urgent need to make environmentally-responsible purchasing and disposal decisions in their daily lives.
  • Buy Recycled An extensive list of manufacturers and distributors of various recycled products in the following categories: Apparel, Building Products, Interior Design and Furnishings, Paper and Paper Products, Plastic Lumber, Promotional Items.    

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