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Position Description

AZA Education Advisors play a critical role in advising, designing, and executing conservation education, community outreach, and public awareness decisions and activities within AZA Animal Programs, which include:

Although not required for Animal Programs, Education Advisors are incorporated into these groups to provide advice from their fields of expertise and to assist with the design and execution of the Animal Program’s conservation and management goals. Education Advisors may:

  • Suggest, develop, and/or implement education goals for Animal Programs.
  • Offer expert advice regarding identified education topics, research proposals, and inquiries.
  • Provide taxa-related education stories of interest.
  • Identify educational research needs and/or assist with the development of education-related research projects.
  • Initiate and assist in the development of educational materials, projects, and messaging.
  • Provide input on the Animal Care Manuals within an Animal Program’s purview, as requested.
  • Encourage the development of regional, national, and international education plans.
  • Coordinate in situ education programs.
  • Generate public support for established education projects.
  • Assist other educators with program development.
  • Write, review, and solicit articles in the Animal Program newsletter.
  • Provide support for government affairs and public relations.

How to Apply to an Education Advisor Position

  1. Download and carefully read through the  Education Advisor Handbook. The handbook was created for this program by the Conservation Education Committee.
  2. Research which Education Advisor positions are available by visiting the Animal Programs Search page or see a list of current vacancies.
  • If the Education Advisor position for a specific Animal Program is filled, the position listing will be visible.
  • If the position is vacant, or is not available within that Animal Program, you will not see a listing for an Education Advisor. AZA members can access Program Leader contact information by logging into the AZA website before performing a search.

3.  Complete the  Education Advisor Application. 

4.  Send the completed Education Advisor Application to Karen Povey.

Individuals who are not members of AZA should contact Karen Povey (253-404-3688) for Program Leader contact information. Program Leaders will determine how vacancies are filled.

How to Recruit an Education Advisor

  1. Download and carefully read through the  Education Advisor Handbook. The handbook was created for this program by the Conservation Education Committee.
  2. Download and complete the  Education Advisor Recruitment Request Form .
  3. Send the completed form to Karen Povey ( at the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium.

Resources for Education Advisors


 Acronyms Definitions

 Sample Institutional Letter of Support

 Goals and Objectives Form 

 Goals and Objectives Evaluation

 Template for Beginning an In Situ Conservation Education Program  - developed by Terry O'Connor Consulting

Need Assistance?

Please contact Karen Povey (253-404-3688), Associate Curator for Conservation and Education at the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium and member of AZA’s Conservation Education Committee.