Animal Program Handbooks

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Animal Program Handbooks

AZA's Animal Programs are composed of Taxon Advisory Groups (TAGs), Species Survival Plan (SSP) Programs and AZA Regional Studbooks. The AZA Animal Program Handbooks contain all of the administrative information needed to manage an AZA cooperative Animal Program, including detailed job descriptions, Program Leader, Officer and Steering Committee/Management Group responsibilities and expectations, accountability, and contact information.  The TAG Handbook includes details on everything needed to create and compile a TAG RCP.  If you're interested in applying for a vacant Program Leader position, you'll also find applications at the bottom of this page.

These Animal Handbooks are living documents developed and updated by the AZA Conservation & Science Department and the Wildlife Conservation and Management Committee (WCMC).


TAG Handbook

SSP Program Handbook

AZA Regional Studbook Keeper

Scientific Advisory Group Handbook

Program Leader and Officer Applications


TAG Chair

TAG Vice Chair

TAG Secretary

TAG Treasurer


SSP Coordinator

SSP Coordinator and AZA Regional Studbook Keeper

SSP Officers (including Vice Coordinator, Secretary, and Treasurer)


AZA Regional Studbook Keeper

Regional to International Studbook Application

Scientific Advisory Group Forms

SAG Chair Application

SAG  Bi-Annual Report Template

SAG 3 Year Action Plan Template

Petition for a New SAG